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Promo2day Review All in One Cloud Download and Premium Services
[Image: e9VfpJw.png]

Combine direct and secure access to premium services started out as a Downloader for Filehosts. It saved the hassle of getting individual premium memberships for filehosts. It helps  aggregating premium memberships into one single service. Now is a combined cloud service with direct and secure access to many premium services. offers a browser-based virtual desktop that lets you perform download jobs right into your personal and secure cloud space. It is a Dropbox on Steroids, multihost downloader, VPN Provider and easy Usenet binary access all at the same time. There are many features, services and tools; for example VoIP feature enabling free worldwide calls for our members.

Want to download something from a slow server or a peer 2 peer network? No problem, our servers are online 24/7 and will finish the job for you, while you can power off your devices and access the content securely on your personal high speed cloud space. This way you can finish downloads much quicker than you could with your laptop, and then you can stream the content directly to your personal devices.

Keep your devices clean and your downloads fast! Access your personal cloud space wherever you are! Use now!

[Image: 7iekK1M.jpg]


Core Features

[Image: YOkzoNP.png]

Compatible platforms:

[Image: Sa6Oh8P.png]

Simple and advanced use

[Image: MFhDOsJ.png]


One Premium Membership For All Services

1 TB Cloud Storage
Access to 35+Streaming and Filehost Sources
Protected Torrent and Usenet Access
Connect multiple devices at the same time

Accepted Payment methods:

[Image: hFW6rhT.png]

Packages available for purchase:

[Image: kQhF6FU.png]

Register free account here:

[Image: 3HK5W5A.png]

Alternatively you can use your social network to login (for example ; Facebook)


Pay-less for all in one incredible features

Always be a premium member on file sharing websites:

No more waiting times or low speed downloads! With you are always a premium member. No more need to purchase separate accounts for file hosting websites. You’ll have premium access to dozens of File hosting sites for the price of one.
You will enjoy the fastest download speed and bypass waiting time for download on all popular file sharing websites like,,, and many more.

Easy, fast and private cloud torrenting:

You can simply copy-paste the torrent or magnet link into our web based downloader. Store files in your cloud or watch online; no torrent client is required! Your personal ip will never connect to the torrent network and you are shielded from showing your identity.

Usenet best provider:

Usenet is a collection of newsgroups where you can discuss a particular topic or share files via newsgroups and then your messages will be distributed via Usenet servers. Each server holds these messages for a certain amount of time. High speed, auto-complete feature, SSL encryption and many other unique features of have made us one of the best Usenet providers.

You are born to be free and to browse freely:

It is well known that all your online activities like private conversations, personal information, or even your downloads are being tracked, monitored and stored whatever the device you are using (Online-Tracking). Your ISP was the first one that spied on you and invaded your privacy. helps you hide your digital footprint by offering fast and secure VPN. You are free to choose the best VPN server location from many different countries we have. It’s also perfect for streaming in HD and fast access to many website which are normally not available in your country.

RSS automation:

RSS is a type of web feed which allows you to access updates to your desirable online content (such as news, series, songs, movies, etc.) You don’t need to visit many of the same websites every day, by using RSS you will get content from those sites and add it to your cloud automatically.
On you will easily update your feed every thirty minutes.

The Fair Use System:

Every premium accounts starts out 1000 points that can be used over all of our services. Every night at midnight (UTC time zone) your get a topup of 30 points. Some services have a factor. A factor of 2 means, that 1 GB costs 2 points.

You can purchase Booster points to increase your points for more downloads or storage:

Now Let’s discuss the uses and features of in details: downloader:

This is an amazing anonymous download plattform with extras such as powerful integrations into popular download managers and media centers. Grabbing and Storing your downloads with great file management features has never been easier.

Simply copy-paste the link into the downloader then select to direct download, save to your files for later use or download and export download links

[Image: QiZrugK.png]

Premium Cloud Storage:

Premiumize allows you to store, manage and collect files in your personal cloud space. This lets you collect your files online and access them easy from any device! The cloud storage integrates with the downloader which lets you transfer Torrents, NZB files, Filehost links and more directly to your cloud.

After you save the file to My Files:

Now you will see the file you saved in your cloud space offered by You can download the file to your computer. In addition, you can open, cut, rename, delete, and copy file link

[Image: MOjKxlW.png]

What are the supported file hosts for direct download or store in cloud?

Supported Sites and Container Formats

[Image: LrIvQ5n.png]

[Image: YRbFvl9.png]

For the full list; visit here: offers converts filehosting links to direct download links.

Cloud Torrent:

Web Based Cloud Torrent never been that easy is your cloud-based torrent client that can fetch data from the BitTorrent network without compromising your privacy or network performance.

This is very easy to use, and the Web-Downloader supports links leading to .torrent files and magnet links.
Simply copy-paste the link into the downloader. Simple three steps and you are done;  Step one: copy the Torrent or Magnet link, Step two: paste the link into your web based downloader on, Step three: that’s it! Enjoy watching your movie online or just store your downloads on your Premiumize cloud list for easy file management

Usenet / NZB access:

Setup Usenet in your Newsreader or use Web-Downloader
The servers are optimized for high speed and are in datacenters with great connections. You will enjoy super-fast downloads with the self-hosted Tier-1 back-end provider with up to 2700 days of retention.

NZB Auto-complete attempts:

Thanks to the Auto-complete feature; you will get a second chance to any missing usenet article! Premiumize combines the retention of several Tier 1 providers.

Access finished jobs:

Successfully grabbed items will be in a separate folder in your Cloud. You can then access it directly from your Browser, smartphone or Kodi.

SSL encryption:

For your privacy and to fight throttling from ISPs, SSL connections are enabled

RSS Feed automation:

Automatically add items to your cloud:

The RSS feature will monitor any RSS feed for downloadable content types. Any magnet, usenet or supported file host link inside the RSS will be downloaded. Once completed, the finished files will be right in your cloud. You save so much of time by having all in one RSS feed automation right in your cloud.

Flexible data fetch:

You will have a chance to fetch "All" data since beginning of feed or only "New" feed items

VPN Servers:

Secure surfing anywhere:
Perfect when you are traveling or in untrusted public networks.

Unblock websites:

Mask your actual location and connects you to Premiumize servers globally so you can enjoy country restricted websites.

Hide online and maintain your privacy:

Secured, unlimited and fast VPN with privacy, freedom and time.

Hidden Downloads:

Hide your downloads and browsing so you cannot be tracked by your ISP.

Download easily without limit:

Streaming in HD and fast access to video streaming sites.

Check the VPN locations here:

Videosites Downloader:

The available downloader supports more than 1000 video sites. This will let you download videos simply by submitting the link into our downloader. You will easily grab youtube, openload, and many more links from popular streaming sites. The video files will be saved to your cloud storage where you can access them anytime.

VoIP Service:

VoIP service allows you to make cheap calls to almost any country in the world. It is especially suited for calling family and friends worldwide, call home from any country during your holidays and many more

How to use

You can easily enjoy all features of using the Apps and Plugins here:

First step: choose the app or service you want to use

[Image: X7BaKQn.png]

Second step: choose your operating system

[Image: CAsrxMt.png]

Third stepfollow the tutorial according to the feature you need to use

For example; to check the plugins and apps available for your Microsoft Windows device:

[Image: 8F8POdw.gif]

Check here:

Chrome extension:

[Image: 6SVw2Zo.png]

Geo Unrestricted:

[Image: tgy0Rvw.png]

This plugin allows you to change your location using proxy server, download as a premium user and access many geo restricted websites

New Features:

Download History:

Recently a download history was offered, which means that you can view every original filehoster, torrent or Usenet link generated. This is perfect if you don’t have a real overview of your usage anymore


WebDav is a network protocol for indexing files over the Internet and allowing remote network storages to be added to your OS. It is based on the HTTP protocol, so it can be accessed through firewalls and proxies.

FTP Access (BETA):

FTP is one of the most universally accepted protocols for file transfers. It is easy to setup and works with many devices out of the box without any additional software. You can use any ftp client to access your cloud. All regular commands such as navigation, moving, pasting, copying are working. You can even upload to App for Android

[Image: bewIndM.png]

iOS: follow the tutorial here:

More Help can be obtained here:



Facebook account:

Twitter account:

Conclusion: is a web service that offers you many premium features to optimize your internet use. It offers a browser-based virtual desktop that lets you perform download jobs right into your personal and secure cloud space.You can download from all file hosting websites at the maximum speed as if you are a premium user. You will be able to download your torrent files from your cloud space with complete privacy. You will enjoy VPN, VOIP calling, premium cloud space, video site downloader, RSS data automation, Usenet / NZB access and SSL encryption
Thanks for the great review!

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