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Premiumize Review
#1 is an online could storage provider that allow user to fetch their files easily not only from most of the popular file hosting website but also files from torrent website.It is simple and easy to use as everything is readily accessible through your web browser - there is no need to download any client in order to enjoy the service

[Image: 1455550871235_Picture1.png]

User whom put online privacy at their highest priorities would benefits from the service as Premiumize will help you achieve that by securing your data and online identify from being tracked thanks to their encrypted connection. This will hide your IP which is crucial as many of the file hosting company nowadays will log the user/downloader IP address without their awareness (let’s be honest here who will read those term and condition anyway?) which then they claim they reserve the rights to use those information obtained at their “discretion".

Usage and service interface

Take note that Premiumize is a premium service and and currently they did not offer any trial for the new comer. However, user can still sign up for a free account here. Upon logging in user will be presented to their dashboard where all the information pertaining account information such as premium status and so on would be made available here.

[Image: 1455551395780_Picture2.png]

The downloader

Click on the Downloader icon and you will be directed to a page as follow shown in figure below.

[Image: 1455551485204_Picture3.png]

Simply copy and paste your download link from any supported file hosting site or torrent magnet link to the field provided and click to submit. Files from file hosting service would be available instantly for download whereas files from torrent site would have to wait for the file to be fetch completely by Premiumize in beforehand. Note that if you are lucky and the torrent file which you requested had been fetched earlier by other user then you get instant access to that file without having to wait!

[Image: 1455551655700_Picture4.png]

Image above is an example of a completed torrent download with Premiumize. From there user can opt to download the full content as a zipped file or even download the files individually. If your files is recognize as a compatible video files it would allow user to stream it directly with their build in web player or with your VLC player.

[Image: 1455551880723_Picture5.png]

Here are the list of website which is supported by the Premiumize downloader

[Image: 1455551948631_Picture6.png]
[Image: 1455551965928_Picture7.png]
[Image: 1455551983587_Picture8.png]

From time to time, Premiumize may add more supported site so keep an eye on the page here for a more updated listing.

Torrent is more than just downloading

Another great feature of Premiumize torrent downloader which we personally liked a lot is it’s ability to seed back the downloaded torrent to a 2.0 ratio. This is to help user to maintain (if not to improve) their seeding ratio on a private tracker site. Currently the feature is at beta stages and only works for torrent which obtained from a private tracker site. You can enable it by ticking the box as shown in figure below

[Image: 1455552177291_Picture9.png]

Note that seeding is not available for torrent which obtained from the public torrent site.

Premiumize also offer various plugin and add-on to help boost user experience and accessibility on their preferred devices. User can find all plugin and add-on offered in the page here.

A little bit extra

We also had been mentioning about how accessible Premiumize is, well you can actually integrate magnet link with your browser where any magnet link that had been clicked will be automatically added to Premiumize downloader. Just click on the hyperlink found on the downloader page as shown in the figure below and you are all set!

[Image: 1455552397797_Picture10.png]

Something worthy mention - The Fair Use Traffic Limite and Point System

Premiumize practice fair use to their service so that their system resources is fairly distributed among users. This is a great measure to avoid heavy user abusing the system and ensuring that a quality service is maintained at expected level for all users.

Premiumize point system gives all user 1,000 points each month - which equivalent to 1,000 GB worth of transfer. Due to the different demand on different services and also the limitation implemented by certain file hosting itself, thus a point system was created to balance things out. You can learn more about their point system in this page here. Having said so, user who had used up all their monthly quota and needed more of it are allowed to purchase booster pack here.

Wait, there more!

Our first impression is that Premiumize were just a mere online cloud storage service but in fact there are more in store offered by this great service! Here are a few highlights of it

- Downloading from Usenet

Connect to Premiumize newsgroup server with your newsreader or NZB downloader! For more information please refer to the page here.


Now you agree with us that Premiumize care about your privacy? VPN is a great tool to help protect your identity online especially if you were on a public networks. You can have it easily set up in a couple of clicks with PPTP (Point-to-Point-Tunneling Protocol) or with an OpenVPN client. It support various operation system ranging from Ubuntu to iOS and even on on Android phone!

[Image: 1455552775729_Picture11.png]

For a complete setup instruction please refer to the page here.

- VoIP

Apparently it allow user to make free global call with their VoIP service and at a much cheaper rate. Currently it was in beta stage and unfortunately we are unable to access to the service thus unable to give a more comprehensive information regarding this service. Please refer to this page for more information.

- Geo Unrestrict

It goes as it sound, it allow user to access page which is not available in your area. It is even more useful for user who wanted to browse or use a certain service (Google Music for one good example) which is regional restricted (it also reminds me of internet user from China who can’t access Facebook because it was blocked in their country) . Currently it support United States, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, United Kingdom and also Netherlands.

For a list of service which it support, please refer here.

- What in store for the free user?

Free user can download and add 3 popular torrent per day to their torrent cloud and get to downloaded the files if the torrent was already in the server cache. Premium account will be required to download new torrent to the server. So, luck is really needed for things to work out for the free user.


The premium membership start at €7.69 per month. It also offer ample of payment medium for user to choose from.

[Image: 1455553241372_Picture12.png]

The Pros

- All in one file hosting downloader
- Can be used for seeding torrent 
- Reasonable price (cheap we would say) given that all of it extra service offered such as VPN
- Offer many plugins and add-on
- Instant file grabbing for torrent which in cache
- High speed and stable download speed
- Highly accessible with its integration across devices

The Cons

- We would like to see more file hosting added in the future especially to recently popular and etc.
- Unable to add subtitle to online player while streaming.
- Should have allow more customization in torrent seeding for user to set their preferred ratio value (yes we know that it was in beta stage).
- Does not offer a trial for new comer.
- Does not support payment through Paypal
Good review, really! Thank you so much Admin Cool Smile
Thanks for the review cool. I enjoyed reading and sounds like a product I might be interested in looking at.
Very interesting service and good review.
Thanks for the review.
Thanks for the detailed review Cool
Thanks for the awesome review
That was a cool review. Thank you Cool.
Nice review, Cool.
Nice Review. Hope they will have some trial in future.

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