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Promo2day Forum Update
Hello everyone,

I just want to let y'all know my friend Mohammad has taken over the forum Ownership and wants all our team, Mods, Super Mods and Administration to be kept the same as it has been.
I have been informed we are 100% sure now that there will be 0 seconds downtime. We have fixed linux Bugs which days of posts were lost during the website migration. We are currently working on getting some giveaways for a 9 year anniversary celebration just around the corner that should start around the first week of July.
Looking forward to it and thanks for the hard work everyone Smile
Nice Thumb
Thank  You Mike & Mohammad  promo2day Lives Again  Smile Big Grin Thumb Wiggle Clapping Thumbs Up
Looking forward to it and thanks for the hard work everyone
Thinks to @Mohammad for all his efforts, it's really worth it!

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