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WinRAR v7 full review
WinRAR 7 Review

WinRAR is the official client to create RAR archives on Windows
RAR archives let compress even more some files that which other formats get a lesser compression and the unicity of RAR archives is the addition of an error recovery feature that helps in case some files are being corrupted. For this aspect, the RAR format is the best compression format to preserve integrity of important files. RAR files can compress contents about 30% more efficiently than a standard ZIP file.
These are the main features of WinRAR:
·         Support for popular archive format (RAR, ZIP, ISO and many others)
·         Easy-to-use GUI
·         Splitting of archives, which makes easier to separate files if they are too big
·         AES 256-bit encryption to make your data secure
·         The ability to automatically select the best compression method for multimedia files
·         Support for over 40 languages
·         Drag-and-drop functionality
·         Recovery record, to help you recover RAR archives in case of data corruption
·         Perpetual license with no subscription and competitive pricing
·         Option to create a self-extraction archive, also known as SFX
System requirements
WinRAR is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7 and Vista. There is also a free counterpart for Android phones (for Android 4.4.and above), and also a command-line version for Linux, FreeBSD, and MAC OS X. More information are in the “useful resources" section

WinRAR costs about 29$ for a 1-license, and (only if you want) you can add a maintenance option that costs only about 5$, which lets you have the latest WinRAR version for 1-year and, in addition, it offers the support if you lost your license key, receiving it in about 48 hours from the request. Lastly, you can also order a physical CD with the software, useful is you have a slow connection and want to have a physical backup copy of your purchased WinRAR.


win.rar GmbH released the final version of WinRAR 7 just few weeks ago that includes new features, improvements and bug fixes
Here are the new features of WinRAR 7:

·         Enhance compression capabilities: support dictionary sizes up to 64GB allowing for best compression ratio
·         New path length of 65365 characters, useful in cases of complex directory structures
·         Improved security with the “Propagate Mark of the Web” option, which provides advanced control over security zone information for extracted files
·         New advanced search algorithms, which enable WinRAR to locale longer and more distant repeated data blocks
·         UI and settings enhancements, with a more friendly UI and more customization options
·         Benchmarking improvements, allowing users to specify the number of threads and copy the results to the clipboard
·         Other improvements and fixes, including a fix for a critical flaw
For a detailed changelog of WinRAR 7 and previous versions, please visit this link:
The installation of WinRAR is straightforward and easy to carry out:

1)      Go to this link
2)      From this page, you can choose for the 32-bit and 64-bit version
3)      Once downloaded, run or save the file and execute it
4)      Accept the various Windows UACs
5)      Select the destination folder and click install
6)      Now you can choose which extensions associate with WinRAR and some other configurations
7)      When finished, click OK and click Done




At the first launch, you can obtain a discount code if you choose to buy WinRAR

Main UI

The main UI of WinRAR is very simple to use, because it has only the most features you need:
·         Add files to an archive
·         Extract files from an archive
·         Test an archive
·         View files in an archive
·         Delete files from an archive
·         Find files and archives
·         Show information about files
·         Repair an archive (in case you added a recovery record)
·         A guided wizard
The main UI features a Windows-explorer based UI which lets you select files and folders for add them into an archive
The quick method to do some basic operations, is to use the Wizard, which lets you do these three things:
·         Unpack an archive
·         Create a new archive
·         Add files to an existing archive
Let’s try to create a new archive with the wizard to see how to process is so easy to achieve:
1)      Click the Wizard button from the main toolbar
2)      Select “Create a new archive” and click on Next
3)      Select files and folders and then click on OK
4)      Click on “Browse” and select a path location and your desired name and click on Save and then Next (in my case is test.rar)
5)      In the next page you can choose some additional options and even set a password to protect your archive
6)      Let’s click on Finish




The Info function is very useful to see how much space you have saved with your archive and to see other useful details


VirusScan uses the malware engines scans found on the local system; it is a useful function to protect against viruses and malwares. You can choose between Windows Defender, which is integrated into Windows, and a third-party tool.
To protect an archive from potential corruption, click on the “Protect” button and then set a recovery record size to a size of your choice (remember that higher is the number and larger is the archive but the protection is also more). For sensible data it is advisable to set a large recovery size record. You can also lock an archive from modification (useful in case of a ransomware attack)
WinRAR has many options to let you configure it in the way you prefer, and you can even import/export settings, useful if you have multiple computers and want the same software configuration.




WinRAR has also an integrated Help containing many useful information and tips to help better understand how it works.
Wrapping things up, WinRAR is the best choice for who wants to create small and reliable archives, thanks to the many optimizations and features it has. And it is not a subscription-based software, so you need to upgrade only if you want or need it.
Useful resources
Official website:
WinRAR changelog:
WinRAR 7.00 64-bit version download (English):
  WinRAR 7.00 32-bit version download (English):
 EULA for WinRAR license:
 Download free WinRAR for Android 4.X and above (Free!):
WinRAR is available in more than 40 languages around the world
YouTube Channel:


Win.rar GmbH is the official distributor on WinRAR and RARLabs products since 2002 and provides also the support for the products
Thanks for the informative review
Thanks for the very good review. You did a great work! 
Thanks for helping us.
Thank you for the detailed review, Nicos18! :-)

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