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Emsisoft releases free decryptor for GalactiCrypter ransomware
Quote:[Image: Emsisoft-Decryptor-for-GalactiCrypter.png]

We just released a new free decryption tool for the GalactiCrypter ransomware strain.

If you have been infected with this ransomware, please download the FREE decryption tool linked below and DO NOT PAY the ransom. A detailed guide is also included.

Download the GalactiCrypter Decryptor here

Technical details:

GalactiCrypter is a strain of ransomware that uses AES-256 to encrypt a victim’s files. It was first distributed in 2016 but continues to be in circulation in 2019.

Encrypted files are prepended with the following string of characters: “ENCx45cR”. The ransomware instructs victims to pay 0.2 Bitcoin if they wish to receive a decryption code, which will restore access to their encrypted files. Under no circumstances should you pay the ransom.


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