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Arcade Games Giveaway
Asteroid Attack:

This is a classic style arcade version of asteroids, joystick for thrust and steering, tap the right hand side to shoot. There are two game modes.

Endurance - aim for the high score by destroying asteroids and alien ships.

Adrift - rescue as many astronauts as you can while destroying or avoiding the asteroids and alien ships.

Power ups will help you!


(Limited time Offer!)

[Image: kWqrs6MrkChEPU5INmZ09FRVkcbY2or0Lj2ruKWm...20-h310-rw]

BLAST DIAMONDS is a wonderful entertainment which is simple and fascinating with more 

How to play:
- Match 3 or more identical diamonds.
- Match the diamonds until the board transparency,the diamonds star will appear.
- Make the diamonds star down to last line to pass the level.

Tips: Eliminate the diamonds quickly can get extra scores.

Game features:

- Two Game Modes: Arcade & Classic.
- Match 4 diamonds can win the diamond's bomb.
- Match 5 diamonds can win color-changing diamonds and 2 lighting diamonds.
- diamonds bomb can eliminate the diamond around.
- Color-changing jewel can eliminate to any other colored diamond.
- Timing diamond can extend the playing time!
- Lighting diamond can eliminate diamonds in one row or column!
- More Than 200 Level

Download and Enjoy!
Swingman star

[Image: VK4pKD5KVyVTQuk6CkTJbV_dQ9EEHubjP9OE-5L9...20-h310-rw]

swingman star is Jumping game with new the ninja guy to avoid obstacles and earn coins to be top on leaderboards.
Challenge your friends now.
Tap on the screen to flip the ninja guy, swingman Game will be full tough try to challenge yourselfSmile 

Be the Star of swingman

* HD cool graphics
* Pleasant background music
* 6 ninja heroes
* Christmas Offers
Pinball Catch: Casual & Fun

[Image: SNTV6tpgwJJVVcJhUo0KTnYZWM57hGCOa0aCYRIu...20-h310-rw]

Goal: Catch as many balls and stars as possible!

How to Play: Place your finger on the bucket to move it left and right to catch balls and stars. The game is over when you are out of time or balls.

- Simple and easy to learn casual style gameplay
- Unlockable stages
- Booster items
- Ability to level up
- Global leaderboards*
- WiFi connection is not required to play**

Note: This game contains advertisements. Please note that advertisement viewing uses internet connection. Data charges may apply based on your service plan. Please contact your service provider for more details.

*The global leaderboard is a service provided by Google Play Game Services. To use the service, you will need to have internet connection and sign in to your Google Play account. Your scores are automatically uploaded to the leaderboard if you are signed in. If you do not wish to upload your scores, please make sure Google Play Games Services is signed out.
Hate to be that guy, but Im bumping this with an advert.

I have a crumby no subs YT, and Im thinking about doing Lets Play oldschool style.

Id like suggestions on games, please.
(10-12-2019 , 09:33 PM)EmileAwamy Wrote: Hate to be that guy, but Im bumping this with an advert.

I have a crumby no subs YT, and Im thinking about doing Lets Play oldschool style.

Id like suggestions on games, please.

You can use MAME.
This is an emulator, i which you can run many of the old school games, even arcade games.

Try them online too
you telling the some information for classic arcade games
and you want to more please click.
You telling some information for classic style arcade 
and know more information click here.

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