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Arcade Games Giveaway
This topic will include arcade games Giveaway
Mini Arcade Golf: Pocket Tours

[Image: w4C_GXbir5TGqMM9xjIFTl0kENo5J0o233tRKsad...=w720-h310]

Let's play something different!

Is it pool or pinball?? No, it's golf?.

Check out this unique arcade style golf game. Multiple tours to keep players entertained and playing repeatedly. Use a little geometry to master this game, top the leaderboards, and unlock achievements*. Available in both 9-hole and 18-hole rounds. Easy to learn, fun to play, and great for passing time. Get it now and start a tour today!

Get the ball into the hole with as little strokes as possible.
Slime Flight: VIP (No Ads)

[Image: WtSRUiW9QnNTMxFBNRihIN_hpj7b5XwiCA5rMjUc...=w720-h310]

◈ Enjoy No Ads version!

Get ready for raccoon princess and angel slime's extreme flight!

◈ Complete 11 Challenges
◈ Collect 15 Awesome Wings
◈ Complete all 28 Levels
◈ Compare your highscore with players worldwide

Download now and push your skills to the limit in Pilot!
Let's get it!
Rapid Tap Pro

[Image: ZCCy6JWGM4jjHT97g7w-EckI7iPtjZLr0eBrotPy...=w720-h310]

Rapid Tap Pro is a simple but superbly entertaining tappinggamethat will keep you engrossed on your android device for long.Thebeauty of this fast finger game is its simplicity of actionbutmastering its trial and beating the achievement level isreallychallenging!How to play the gameTongueost download simply starttappingas fast as possible on the screen following the color cluegivenfor your next action. You have to tap all the same coloredbuttonsat lightning fast speed to master this fast finger game.
Arkanoid Galaxy HD 2018

Welcome to Arkanoid Galaxy HD 2018! Ready to conquer the universe? A classic 70s game with an exotic taste of space! Explore different galaxies with breathtaking views and exciting challenges! A classic breakout arkanoid game with another planet,
to be conquered in every level! These are the main features that this game offers:

· Adaptive high quality HD graphics
Choose the level of quality that's right for your mobile device, and use the graphics settings in the Options panel for smooth gameplay!

· Easy to play
Simply put your finger under the paddle, hold and pull in the desired direction! Just right?

· Multilingual support
Available in 9 languages and more translations coming soon!
(06-04-2018 , 06:48 AM)comphelp Wrote: Mini Arcade Golf: Pocket Tours

[Image: w4C_GXbir5TGqMM9xjIFTl0kENo5J0o233tRKsad...=w720-h310]

Let's play something different!

Is it pool or pinball?? No, it's golf?.

Giveaway available again
Thank you.
Thanks for this
Space Shooter : AsaP Bullet Hell Red:

[Image: 1125494Space_Shooter.jpg]

[note: this is the same game as other Space Shooter : AsaP Bullet Hell the different is this is using RED TYPE space ships with different abilities from the other space ships ]

[Image: 8416088Arcade.jpg]

3D Space Shooter : AsaP Bullet Hell is horizontal space shooter with elegant graphic

welcome to our SHMUP game Space Shooter Bullet Hell Meja Infinity this is a bullet hell game

we provide awasome graphics and awasome spaceships to play, so lets try it !!!
feature :
- you can change the control from joystick to touch control in settings menu

Retro Pixel

[Image: HD8CxIg.jpg]

The Retro Pixel is lost, bounce through over 80 unique handcrafted and challenging levels to help it home!

- Over 80 levels
- Extra unlocks and game modes
- Emulated CRT effects for that perfect retro feeling
- Great 8-bit soundtrack
- High difficulty


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