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iCare Data Recovery Free Edition
[Image: free.jpg]

iCare Data Recovery Free version is a powerful and complete data recovery freeware that helps you to restore data deleted, formatted or lost due to errors such as drive/system crash, virus attack etc. You don't have to worry about important data loss, this freeware can help you to recover your files even if deleted or lost. It supports recovery of documents, emails, videos and audio files from almost any storage media including PC hard drive, cell phone, digital camera, USB flash drive, SD memory card, removable media etc.

The program is fully compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10. It is suitable for Windows home users to resolve data loss problem. You need to download and install on non-data-loss drive. This is the most important step to remember. You must install on a drive other than that with data loss that you need to recover

Official Website:



Size: 4 MB

Current version:  7.9.1

[Image: bmnjljA.png]


After you download the installer on your computer, double click on the file and follow simple on screen steps till you have the program installed on your desktop. The program is freeware and doesn't require activation

[Image: sKcqN9Z.png]

[Image: WChms6a.png]

[Image: xV6K6rk.png]

[Image: kyZ1g1h.png]

[Image: cXI8PCi.png]

[Image: GCjNkpH.png]

[Image: RGmf1eJ.png]

User Interface:

The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. Two main options are available on the main screen; deleted files recovery and advanced file recovery.

[Image: kwIHGuU.png]

Recovery options available for the free edition include: deleted file recovery and advanced file recovery

The deleted file recovery helps you to recover deleted files from the emptied recycle bin.

The advanced file recovery search more files for most data loss situations from most digital devices

Program Features and Differences between the free and Pro versions :

[Image: 1.png]

[Image: 2.png]

Supported data storage media:

Any storage that can be recognized by Windows is compatible with iCare Data Recovery.
The list includes a lot of storage media types. The program supports recovery from hard disk, external hard disk, USB disk, memory card (sd card, flash card, cf card, xd card, etc.), zip disc, digital camera, sony memory stick, Floppy disc, smart phone, iPhone, iTouch, BlackBerry, iTune, iPod

How to use the program to recover your files:

Launch the program and again remember to use it on a driver other than the one you need to recover. If you are trying to recover deleted files that were accidentally deleted or wiped from recycle bin use :deleted file recovery". If you have any other device, for example USB Flash, external or internal hard drive ...etc and you want to recover your files that were deleted after any problem (for example virus attack , crash...), it is advised to use advanced file recovery. Select media where data got lost and then click Next button to search for all lost files. When the scanning is completed, it will show all found files. You can preview files like images and documents. You can find or search any files you need to recover after the program scan is completed. Then, select all data you need and then save them to another drive.

Steps to recover deleted files:

[Image: NROhjN8.png]

[Image: 9VmwVwi.png]

[Image: qnVBzCl.png]

Steps in advanced file recovery:

[Image: mxOVLyL.png]

[Image: 7uKaa9a.png]

[Image: 5PJP7RB.png]

[Image: GOvSotL.png]

[Image: Y8dAErV.png]

[Image: yrfSg5i.png]

[Image: UVYZh7N.png]

Time to complete recovery differs according to the driver size and data to be recovered. You can stop the recovery at any time and continue later or even remove if you no longer need to continue.   


Helps to specify the type of files to be recovered by the program and the file size

[Image: 9lqdkSe.png]


1. Recover your important files
2. Easy to use and simple
3. Freeware


Some important components need subscription as deep system scan


iCare Data Recovery Free is able to help you when other recovery freeware failed. You can recover all your accidentally deleted or lost data with no problems
Review is now complete
Great review Tarek.
Thanks for the review.
thank you very much very good review Heart Heart Heart

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