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Promo2day Review Condusiv Undelete 11 Professional: Professional File Protection and Data Recovery
[Image: ipRojDF.jpg]

Condusiv Undelete 11 Professional: instant file recovery with up-to-the-minute protection

Professional File Protection & Data Recovery

If you have valuable data on your computer, you need to remember that accidents can occur at any time and you are liable to lose many important files. In fact, as much as 65% of data loss is caused by accidental deletions.  This will cause unwanted frustration and money and time trying to recover or recreate them. For example; You may accidentally lose irreplaceable files or photos from your PC or the dreaded loss of that video of your child’s first steps.

Undelete is used as a first line of defense before backup since Undelete provides true continuous data protection for easy recovery of individual files. Lost files can easily and quickly be recovered without going to backup media. You will not need for support call from IT department.

Whereas snapshots and backups are ideal to recover entire lost data sets, Undelete is tailored for quick recovery of single files that are lost or overwritten. In addition, it will protect the files you want and the data you don’t want to get into the wrong hands. You will enjoy complete file protection, instant file recovery and a sophisticated electronic file shredder to erase sensitive files you want to be gone forever.

You can even roll-back to earlier saved-over Microsoft Office, Photoshop, PDF and more files with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Already delete a file or emptied your Windows Recycle Bin by mistake? No problem. The built-in Emergency Undelete recovery software can recover files previously deleted from your PC.

[Image: EhiGFN7.png]

System Requirements:

Operating Systems Supported: Windows 19, Windows 16, Windows 7, 8, 10
Does not support Windows 8 RT
The disk space requirement for Undelete Professional is about 140 MB. After installation is complete, Undelete occupies about 47 MB of disk space (No reboot required).

[Image: DFCXakx.png]

Available Undelete Editions

Undelete 11 Server: 
Protects server files, including those deleted by network clients from a centralized management console

Undelete 11 Desktop Client: 
Allows a user on connected laptops, workstations and VMs to recover their own files from Undelete Server recovery bins

Undelete 11 Professional: 
Protects locally stored files and allows files to be recovered from Undelete Server recovery bins

Undelete 11 Home:
Provides comprehensive protection of locally stored files

Free trial for 30 days:

[Image: L1LRGte.png]

The program offers you free fully functional trial for 30 days which gives you a chance to test all features before purchase. To start the free trial, please visit this page:


[Image: LxWqD6c.png]

[Image: sMja8hV.gif]

After you download the installer, simply double click and follow on-screen instructions and steps till the program is working on your computer. The windows recycle bin will be replaced by the recovery bin of the program. This differs a lot from the recycle bin as you will see in this review

Check for updates:

[Image: n93nT7x.png]

User Interface:

[Image: kx3y1jj.png]

[Image: 6e9mMdU.png]

The user interface is new, easy to use, simple to navigate and intuitive. It shows familiar File Explorer-like interface which makes finding and recovering deleted files even easier.

Home button:

[Image: 6oekaRX.png]

Tools Button:

[Image: XFRvT61.png]

Settings button:

[Image: oBtPGsn.png]

Inclusion list:

This is a list of directory folders, files, and file types that you want to be processed by the Undelete Recovery Bin.

[Image: qX3DYmS.png]

Exclusion List:

This feature lets you easily create a list of directory folders, files, and file types that you do not want to be managed by Recovery Bin. If you deleted folder or file It will be excluded from the Recovery Bin and will be really deleted from your computer.

[Image: NEM13P2.png]

The following review was done on the Professional version of the application

[Image: SB1nJMb.png]

Key Benefits:

Real-Time Data Protection
Instant File Recovery
Extensive Search Capabilities
The Recovery Bin can now be stored in the cloud using OneDrive and other popular file hosting services
Enhanced Browsing Capabilities
Version Recovery for MS Office, Photoshop, PDF files and more
Recovers Recycle Bin Deletes
Restores Previously Deleted Files
Electronic File Shredder
Dynamic Storage Space Throttling
Network Capabilities

How to use Undelete 11:

Undelete Features:

[Image: u6xrEZh.png]

Recovery Bin:

The Recovery Bin catches all files no matter how they were deleted, allowing instant recovery with just a few clicks of the mouse. The Recovery Bin mimics the directory structure of your disk and includes a powerful search function, making it easy to find and recover files. Undelete adjusts the Recovery Bin to your volume’s available space, automatically protecting more files when free space is available and less data when it is not.
Thanks to this feature, the deleted files aren’t really deleted; they’re simply moved to the bin and held there until the bin is "emptied" or purged. This allows you to recover files easily after they have been deleted.

[Image: sJx62Fb.png?1]

Let’s ask what are the differences between the undelete recovery bin and the windows recycle bin?

The Recovery Bin feature is similar to the Windows Recycle Bin. The following Differences exist:

Recover files deleted by any method, including Windows Explorer and other applications

Recovery Bin for any individual disk volumes on your computer,

You can use a single, "common" Recovery Bin for all your disk volumes

Recovery Bin use on Cloud Storage services such as Microsoft OneDrive

Deleted files are moved into the Recovery Bin and displayed similar to Windows Explorer.

You see and recover deleted files or folders as easily as browsing for "normal" files.

[Image: g8xmkb7.png]

Secure Delete Electronic File Shredder

This built-in tool allows to overwrite files that are purged from the recovery bin with random data. This is done using a methodology developed for the National Security Agency. This popular feature provides the ability to securely delete files immediately (as they are deleted). This along with the Wipe Free Space functionality that overwrites a volume's free space, which may contain past remnants of confidential data provides a complete solution of erasing secure data.

The Global Settings tab contains SecureDelete options that affect all Recovery Bins on the system:

SecureDelete all files immediately: Immediately SecureDelete all files in all Recovery Bins. Please take care as this action is not reversible. Once the cycle has completed, even the Search feature will not be able to recover files.

Enable Recovery Bin SecureDelete on purge to securely overwrite files as they deleted from individual volumes. When this option is enabled, all individual Recovery Bins will be set to SecureDelete files from their volumes. It can be disabled as needed on individual Recovery Bins. This is easily done using the check box of "SecureDelete files on this drive" under each Drive Volume tab.

If you enable both options, you can permanent erase any file deleted on the selected drive volume. The deleted file will not appear in the Recovery Bin or in the free space of the disk.

Emergency Undelete:

The program has a very useful built in tool called “Emergency Undelete”. This feature lets you easily recovers files, photos, videos, movies, music and more in seconds. You can quickly restore all your lost files, even those deleted from the Windows Recycle Bin. Accidentally deleting a file doesn’t mean it has to be lost forever. The space the file was using is simply marked as being available for re-use. If nothing needs that space after deletion, the data is still there and the file can be recovered. Emergency Undelete instantly recovers files with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Key Benefits of Emergency Undelete:

Instant File Recovery
Recovers files, photos, videos, movies, music and more
Recovers files from PCs, Flash Drives, Memory Cards, External Hard Drives, Cameras and more
Recovers already Deleted Files
Easy Search & Recover Feature
Runs from External Device
Recovers Recycle Bin Deletes

Enhanced File Version Recovery [NEW]:

[Image: wQEYxDV.png]

Undelete automatically captures previous versions of Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), as well as custom file types (such as CAD, Photoshop files, PDFs and more) allowing fast and easy recovery of overwritten files.

Enhanced Search Features [NEW]:
Easy to search for deleted files by multiple criteria. New capabilities include options to search by a date range, deleted by a particular person or from a specific folder.

[Image: Ppc0dGy.gif]

NEW Faster Search and Recovery - the speed of search and recovery has been improved.

NEW Inclusion List: Provides the ability to customize only specific deleted files, folders or file types to be saved by Undelete.

Cloud Support [NEW]:

The Recovery Bin can now be stored in the cloud using OneDrive and other popular file hosting services.

Server Client Functionality

Undelete Professional automatically looks for and connects to Undelete Server recovery bins, allowing users to seamlessly recover their own deleted files on remote storage servers. Undelete maintains Windows NTFS security to ensure that users can only access files for which they have permission.

Full-Disclosure of Deleted Files

The Recovery Bin displays information about each deleted file including the file owner, the date and time the file was deleted, and the account used to delete the file. An easy intuitive interface provides the capability to find the lost data, even if the users does not recall the name of the file(s).

Network File Protection

[Image: B4KMCBU.png]

With Undelete Desktop Client or Pro Edition installed on network clients, your users can connect to the Undelete Server Edition Recovery Bins installed on the network file servers and restore their own deleted or saved-over files. NTFS security is fully supported.

[Image: b2gGzZb.png]

Dig Deeper Search

The Search feature can recover files that have been purged from the Recovery Bin or deleted from directory folders excluded from Recovery Bin processing. You can even undelete files that were deleted before you installed Undelete provided, they haven't been overwritten. Undelete Professional will save you time with support by also recreating the original folder paths, making reorganizing your restored files a snap.

Extensive Browsing

Save time and recover the right file. Undelete supports previewing protected files in the Recovery Bin to find the exact one you want to restore.

InvisiTasking Technology

InvisiTasking allows for all background operations within Undelete to run with zero overhead. These invisible background tasks include:
Automatic purging of the Recovery Bin when it fills up
Managing the 'Common' Recovery Bin (moving files from one volume to another)
Securely overwriting free spaces using the automatic Wipe Free Space feature
Automatically adjusting the size of the enhanced Recovery Bin

Full Command Line Support

Major Undelete functionality also provided through the command line. The program supports commands from the Windows command prompt. Both the Recovery Bin and the Search features can be controlled from the command prompt. Two commands are currently available from the command prompt, these are Reclaim and Undelete.

Drag And Drop [NEW]:

Users can drag and drop files from their local Recovery Bin to a local drive.

Windows Desktops Themes [NEW]:

Your favorite Desktop Theme is now supported in Undelete Professional edition.

Supports Removable Drives

Supports removable NTFS and FAT formatted disks such as ZIP drives, Flash or Thumb Drives and Memory Cards.

Recover Your Data

Whether you delete a file from your PC, flash drive, external hard drive, camera or other storage device, your files are recoverable, as long as you have not already overwritten the files. So, if you delete a file from your computer accidentally, it is very important that you immediately stop all activity so as to not overwrite the file. Just the act of looking for a solution to recover a file could result in the file being overwritten. When you surf the internet your web browser creates what is called a cache. It stores graphics, web pages, etc. which could occupy the space of the file you are trying to find a solution to recover.

Wipe Free Space:

[Image: h6W3bjz.png]

[Image: wFZ47xG.png]

This feature helps to securely erase free space so remnants of data cannot be recovered. It can be completed automatically or manually. You can manually start Wipe Free Space for a given volume No need to wait for the next automatic cycle to start. The process is very easy. Simply; click the Wipe Free Space ribbon icon under the Tools menu then select a volume from the drop-down menu, and Undelete will begin wiping the free space of the selected volume immediately. You can check the status of any current or past Wipe Free Space job.


Global Settings (apply to all Recovery Bins): Individual Recovery Bins versus a Common Recovery Bin; SecureDelete all files immediately; Recovery Bins; sizing rules for Recovery Bins; the saving of deleted zero length files; Recovery Bin Virus Protection; SecureDelete on purge for Recovery Bins; "Confirm each delete from the Recovery Bin" warning.

[Image: AtYnju3.png]

Versions Tab:  saving of file versions; number of versions saved per file; file type extensions to be saved as versions.

[Image: orDCpko.png]

Common Bin: Specify the location of the Common Bin; its size; purge files older than a specified number of days.

[Image: kwVRUuq.png]

Individual drive volume Recovery Bin settings: Enable Bins; set Recovery Bin size; purge files older than a specified number of days; automatic wipe Free Space feature.

[Image: 6uoXgY5.png]


Undelete offers a professional Recovery Bin technology that safeguards your computer with a vigilant, resource-transparent shield. It dramatically enhances the capabilities of data protection and recovery software. You can instantly recover files exactly as the files were the instant they were deleted. The program will protect Windows servers, desktops and laptops from data protection gaps that risk data loss, productivity downtime and money. Many new features are available in the new version to make file recovery easier, faster, and provide version protection for custom file types.

Very detailed and in-depth review!
After reading the review sounds like a good recovery software that can recover files previously deleted from your PC. Enjoyed reading another review done by Tarek.
Thanks for the crisp review!!
thanks for very professional detailed review Heart Heart Heart
another great software from Condusiv Technologies
Wow tarekma7  Amazing Greeting . How hard to do a review like you  Thumb
Nice review.
Thank you.
Very detailed and nice review..!
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the review. This is good software for accidental delete of files! One question what happen to the Recycle Bin?

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