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vpn providers

SashaAbout VPN providers.
About VPN providers.

We all know about various cases of VPN providers leaking user data. The most revealing is the summer case, when 1.2 TB of logs were leaked from VPN providers that did not store logs, heh.

At the same time, the need to use a VPN is still growing and the best option is to raise your own, there are just a million instructions. However, not everyone wants to do this, and for such users, I leave the 5 main criteria for choosing a VPN provider.

Criteria for choosing VPN providers.

1. Servers are located outside the United States and other countries of the "Five Eyes".

2. Support for OpenVPN.

3. The ability to pay with cryptocurrency.

4. To create an account, no personal data is needed, except for a username, password and email address.

5. The service has no known cases of user data leakage.

Which provider to choose - I won't tell you, because I don't know your goals. It's always best to have your own VPN if you're worried about your anonymity.

If you decide to turn to the services of providers, then remember these 5 simple criteria
In this regard, we can perhaps use the information of this site:
I was considering giving Surfshark a try.It seems to be decent in the chart above.
(10-14-2020 , 01:07 PM)clyde Wrote: I was considering giving Surfshark a try.It seems to be decent in the chart above.

I published the Surfshark configuration on the forum, download the client, import the configuration, and try as much as you like, my friend. Smile

Already 2502 people have downloaded.

[Image: 7645eee7ce97.png]

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