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vpn providers 2020 right how choose

MikeHow to Choose the Right VPN Providers in 2020
How to Choose the Right VPN Providers in 2020

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a software that allows encrypted, anonymous, and safe connections over the internet. The market is filled with hundreds of VPN providers trying to win users over, which makes it challenging to choose the right one. People use VPNs for different reasons, not to mention, knowledge and technical capabilities vary greatly. This means that the best VPN is subjective. Here are a few tips to help you make an informed choice when looking for a VPN provider in 2020:

Assess Your VPN Needs

There are several reasons why people use VPNs, including additional privacy protection, bypassing internet censorship, torrenting, accessing location-specific content, or simply secure casual browsing. Most of these reasons can be satisfied on multiple levels by a single provider. Analyzing your VPN needs allows you to easily narrow down to a particular VPN with features that satisfy your needs.


VPNs are meant to encrypt your connection. And, whether your internet activities or data stay secure depends on how strong the encryption is. There are different types of VPN encryption protocols with the most secure one now being OpenVPN. Choose a VPN with higher levels of encryption to minimize the possibility of compromised data.

Cross-platform Support

Today people use different kinds of devices to access the internet, including computers, laptops, phones, tablets, gaming consoles, smart TVs, etc. Even though most VPNs support both desktop and mobile usage, some aren't available on all platforms. It's important to choose a VPN that supports as many operating systems and devices as possible, so as to allow simultaneous connections.


The cost of VPN services depends on factors like available features and subscription length. These services range in price from free to about $15 per month. Free services can be great so long as you can withstand annoying ads, limited bandwidth and speeds, and server limitations. Plus, your identity and data are never that secure. When it comes to paid VPNs, go for the one that satisfies your needs without breaking the bank. Most VPN providers offer a money-back guarantee, which allows you to get out of unsatisfying services. Also, choose a VPN that offers flexible payment options.

Payment Methods

How you pay for your VPN services is also important. If you wish to remain anonymous, then you should consider VPNs that offer anonymous payment systems like cryptocurrency and gift cards.


Since VPNs encrypt all the traffic, they tend to reduce internet browsing speed. However, the extent of the speed reduction is what sets great and bad VPNs apart. Although different VPNs offer different surfing speeds, speed can also be affected by how further the server is from your current position.


Some providers impose limitations on their VPN services. You can compare these at Some of the common restrictions include a maximum number of simultaneous connections, bandwidth throttling at certain times, and bandwidth restrictions. It's always a great idea to double-check to avoid future disappointments. In addition, some VPN providers don't allow BitTorrent services, file sharing, or peer-to-peer; so, check to see if they restrict any services or protocols you intend to use VPN for.

Level of privacy

The main purpose of a VPN is to allow users to access websites anonymously. If privacy is important to you, choose a VPN that doesn't keep logs. There are, however, varying degrees of logging. Some providers claim to offer zero logs but still keep anonymous information like visited IP addresses, connection times, and bandwidth usage. Also, pay attention to the kind of personal information the service provider keeps. The less they know about you, the better. The VPN's location can also be crucial as it affects data retention policies, as well as, what your provider can disclose when asked to. The best VPN locations are countries where no such laws exist like Switzerland and Panama.

Customer Service

You are bound to experience challenges when setting up or using a VPN, which makes 24/7 customer service quite essential. A VPN provider with a ticketing system, email support, as well as, live-chat services, ensures you get help as quickly as possible. Active social media accounts can also be used to offer support for more general issues. The customer support team must be friendly and able to solve VPN issues.


If you are getting a VPN with the intention to connect to a particular location, ensure the provider supports it. Also, consider the number of servers and IPs that are at that location. Too many users on one server will drain the bandwidth and slow connections for every user.

Kill Switch System

If you are counting on your VPN to keep your internet activities as private as possible, then you need some form of security that it won't just go down and put all your activities out into the regular internet. That's where the kill switch system comes in. In the event that your VPN connection fails, this system will automatically lock down your connection, preventing your computer from defaulting to use the open and unsecured connection.

All VPNs don't offer the same services. The best one will depend on the VPN's use and the most important features you are looking for. Digesting all this information at once can be daunting; so, if you're still unsure where to turn, check out the best VPN providers for 2020.
Thank you for sharing these points.
These are indeed the top factors to consider when choosing a VPN.

Another factor to consider is how many simultaneous connections a VPN service provider allows. There are few VPNs that allow for unlimited devices simultaneously and others that only connect 5 - 7 devices.

Nowadays each family has an increasing number of smart devices. The new normal for me is to have a VPN that supports unlimited devices, hence, all my smart devices are protected. Also, I get the best value for my money!

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