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windows question recovery options? 10

Question about Windows 10 Recovery Options?
(06-09-2019 , 09:15 AM)Sasha Wrote: Simple advice.  Rollback RX.  A small program that takes snapshots of systems in a matter of seconds. You can install different software on different pictures. One click of a button, and you rolled over the system to the basic installation of Windows. I have been using it for three years, during this time, Windows has never reinstalled.

I'm also a Rollback Rx user under Win 7 and 8.1. for a long time.
However, my experience shows that an image of the PC is sometimes necessary... (i still use DriveImageXml under Win 7 and Macrium Reflect free under Win 8.1)
Especially under Win 7, the hard disk has been changed several times to RAW.
I still do not know the exact reason (PC too slow, incompatibility with a program,...) but Rollback is responsible.
I am pretty sure because it occasionally prevents the PC from shutting down for a short time.
(06-11-2019 , 12:32 AM)tarekma7 Wrote: I can find the built-in microsoft utility for image creation. But is it enough to completely restore everything in case of update problems?

Also which is best for image creation and restore:

O&O DiskImage
according to web
built-in microsoft tool can back drive c and separately other partition drive
can not restore to different hardware
but above software much more option can restore diffrent hardware...

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