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laptop question original software?

tarekma7Question about original laptop software?
i have clean install of windows 10 , is it advised to try to restore/reinstall original software for my laptop?

Each laptop model has its own preinstalled software (maintenance, care, diagnostics.....)

i have all drivers working with no problems now
I did a clean install on my laptop and just reinstalled the software that I used the most.
What brand of laptop?

Update your drivers in the right order.(Idk why but it avoid errors)
If everything is already updated dont worry just try to remember next time.

1. Your Windows Operating System
2. Run Windows Update to install the latest service packs and any other patches.
3. Motherboard or the Chipset – Helps Windows control system board components and controllers.
4.  Video Adapter – Enhances video performance.
5.  Network Interface Card (NIC) – Enhances the network controller for Internet or network access.
6.  Audio Adapter – Enables and enhances the audio controller.
7.  Wireless Network Card or LAN Adapter – Enables and enhances the wireless network controller.
8.  Touchpad, Mice, and Keyboards – Enhances the pointing device features.
9. Bluetooth Module

If everything is already updated dont worry just try to remember next time.
Depending of the brand. some built in features doesnt help at all.
Sony Vaio
I also have sony vaio but never installed windows 10. It is advisable to search or the necessary drivers for win 10 on the sony vaio website.
Clean install is better than pre loaded os, just update the drivers and install only software you need, you should easily find drivers of vendor's website, I'm sure about HP they provide standalone drivers for each model in their website.. Let me know if need any help..
I never install additional original laptop software when reinstalling Windows. In fact I prefer to keep the installation as clean as possible. Just Windows, drivers and eventually utilities that handle hot keys, drive protection (HP laptops for example has 3D drive guard or something similar that claims to protects the HDD when freefalling is detected) and similar that I find useful or necessary.
I think that except the drivers, no other program is necessary.

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