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WebSite X5 Professional 14 Review
[Image: WNMqvA4.jpg]

Do you want to create a website? The answer of most users is sure. Now do you find it difficult? You don’t have experience in html, codes and website design. No problem; you can create your website with WebSite X5.  It will help you with a well arranged stepped wizard that need no experience to complete. You can easily design any site you want (for example websites, online stores and blogs) with the new website x5 version 14 of the desktop software.
Website X5 Professional 14 offers you the best app to launch and grow your online activities. The program helps you to enjoy well designed websites tailored for any business, advanced features to sell physical products, and management that's all in one place. In addition, You can control of your work on your mobile device thanks to the included WebSite X5 Manager and Feedready apps.
Within a few minutes, you can easily create original websites, product landing pages, and professional online stores for you and your clients.

[Image: uzAWVwd.png]     


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Product Page:

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System requirements:

Perfect for Windows 7 SP1, 8, 10 (32 and 64 bit versions)
Free 2 GB RAM
Min. Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600
Compatible Windows, Linux, Unix PHP 5.x, MySQL (only for certain advanced features) servers
Internet connection and e-mail account required for activation

Current version: 14

Release date:  October 18, 2017


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[Image: 9mUEsxK.png]
[Image: 9k29iAm.png]

Activation and Registration:

After complete installation, you can easily activate your software. All you need is a valid email and the license key you received after purchase.

[Image: RwxRAOt.png]


[Image: yFbHvZ4.png]

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[Image: q7enz2r.png]

Key Features:

Shape! Design your fantastic website: WebSite X5 gives you endless features and ways to build your website. Creating websites for desktop and mobile without coding is easy with the Drag & Drop builder, the Templates, and the Objects included in the software. Access infinite website tools with irresistible design and powerful e-commerce to make sales online. There are many blog features and SEO optimization.
Hosting and personal domains are included free of charge.
Shape & Play with Templates: 500 free built-in templates are available with the using of the application. You can feel free to create your website from scratch, or to customize a template. Start from those included in the software, or choose from dozens of complete, ready-to-use templates on our Marketplace.
Websites and Online Stores: use the program to create your personal or business site, sell products with your beautiful online store, or start a blog and promote your talent.
No need for coding.
No extra fees, you get 1 license to work on 2 PCs and create websites non-stop.
Save 60% in 1 year compared to any service.

What do you need to make?

[Image: B1kHM1t.png]


Software in 15 languages and Online Guide.
Built-in FTP to publish from the software with one click.
Mobile APPs to manage your business from anywhere.
25 GB of space and FREE personal domain with email and web hosting for 1 year.
SEO to help you show up immediately on Google and other search engines.
900,000 royalty-free images at your fingertips.
Endless ways to design websites.
500+ customizable graphic template
Up to 10,000 pages
Graphic libraries with objects and apps
Online store with credit card payment gateway integration
Manage stock and promo coupon codes
Manage access and protected web pages
Database Integration
Social app buttons and boxes
Create multilanguage websites
Edit online with Dynamic Content
Create Responsive websites
Send mobile notifications via FeedReady - for iOS & Android
Manage projects and backups

[Image: 01fQjhy.png]

What are the uses and features of Website X5 Professional that will help you?

Dynamic Content. Edit website directly online

When you need to update your website constantly, use Dynamic Content and edit your text directly online. Enable specific users to let them add fresh content while your website is online.

Light up your creativity with 500 Graphic Templates:

Graphic Templates with simple graphic structure are the starting point for your website design. You will choose your style, customize the pre-designed features, and get right down to designing your website.
You will unleash your imagination through the full templates.  These are ready-made websites that include everything you need to get things done faster, and better. They include sample graphics, styles, and pages created by professional designers to help you. You can easily download the full templates from the official website marketplace, change them with your content and go online!

[Image: zMH1zRJ.png]

Optional Objects:

The available optional Objects help to add features to the software and get more beautiful and powerful sites. These include animated buttons and images, maps, social buttons, icons, and more. It is easily added to any site and template using the program

See the templates here:

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Domain and web space free for You

Website x5 offers you all you need to go online. Web Hosting is included in WebSite X5
Free registration of a domain of your choice is included with your purchase. Additional 25 Gb of web space is available for free for 12 months with unlimited emails and a cloud Drive service for synchronizing files on all your online devices. Security and top quality is guaranteed by
Of course, you can use any webhosting service for your websites or you can take advantage of the service that is included in the price. You can register your domain, e.g. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. and create the e-mail addresses you need. All the files you need to get your site online will be saved in your own web space

Sell online with an e-commerce site

The program will help you to create your own online store, announce your products and put them on sale! It will be easy for you to start your business. This includes; show your product catalogue, accept different types of payments, increase sales with coupons and discounts, optimize your online store for mobile, manage orders and inventory, send transactional emails, store optimized for Search Engines, easy and trusted checkout and so on. The mobile WebSite X5 Manager helps you to check incoming orders, manage stock levels for your products and receive notifications in real time from your sites. This is easily done at any time using your mobile app (android and iOS). All your payments will be delivered in total security

Parallax effect: this includes the option to choose your responsive template design to create your site. You can choose from 500 responsive templates and several effects and 500 mobile-friendly templates in 14 categories. The program will help you to quickly customize the template you prefer. You can also create a 3D website illusion (captivating).

Start a blog and make yourself heard, Rank higher in search results, Get social powers

Unique Web Page Editor: Create your pages by simply Dragging & Dropping content; for example text, images, galleries, videos, e-mail forms. Everything is at your fingertips.

Collect contact information with customized forms

Publish in several languages, and display every alphabet correctly

Gain visibility with a mobile-friendly site: Sites and stores optimized for mobile devices that Google and users appreciate. User-friendly Responsive Design, responsive site layout and content are adapted to the screen size, create mobile-friendly websites and stores that Google likes.

Rank Higher in Search Engine Results. SEO Analysis and Optimization

Use tag options to optimize web pages, images and videos and rank better. Mark up your product information to display rich snippets results with microdata. Start advanced project analysis to further improve optimization. There’s all you need to do to achieve top SERP rankings for your website.Privacy, Security and Site Management

Manage your website using the online control panel. 

You can moderate comments on your Blog and Guestbook, manage orders and product availability, track user registrations and more. The WebSite X5 Manager offers all the tools you need to better manage your online presence from any mobile devices (for example; iPhone or iPad or an Android smartphone or tablet). Add all the sites you want and do it with a few taps.

[Image: KZ9i4sB.png]

New Features in version 14:

[Image: ar6mQ3q.png]

Font-astic Management:  In the new version, using fonts is even easier. Log into the Google Fonts list and add to presets without even exiting the program. And with one click, you can replace your template's default font.

Powerful Menu:  The new, personalized Object Menu is the brand new navigation menu. You can insert a menu anywhere on the page, create websites with sidebar menus, and define them for use on any device. And set up elements in the Sticky Bar however you want.

Parallax Magic Effects:  Experiment with new Parallax 3D effects and insert not only colors and images in the fields, but also videos, slideshows, and maps. Finish it off with the Overlay effect, a color filter you can add to content and animate however you like. Make your website amazing.

Tailored Contact Forms:  Create the perfect contact form for your website's style and needs. New options allow you to personalize the look of the text field and buttons, and to insert customized text on every page of your site.

Full-screen Images: Showcase your photos with the incredible new Showbox. Create full-screen image galleries on your website with amazing transition effects. If you sell online, highlight your products with the new, powerful zoom.

An even more Stylish Blog: Refresh your blog with new layouts in version 14. The Main Page and Article Page graphics look modern and are completely personalizable. And you can display your posts as pages or in a dedicated slideshow.

Sales Boosters: V14 e-commerce tools make life easier for you and your customers. Invite them to create an account on your website to manage orders and purchases in a personal user account. With one click, export client contact information to send e-mail promotions or newsletters.

New Graphic Templates: Discover the 500 Graphic Templates that we've created for version 14 in the software's internal Gallery. Now you have 200 totally new templates plus 300 templates have been updated to use the new features introduced in the Item Menu.

More Secure: Our notifications remind you to create backups so you won't lose your work. And features that eliminate outdated backup copies make managing backups easier and more advantageous.

Easier and Faster: With no sub-sections in the interface, workflow really is easier, and you can concentrate on the 5 steps needed to create your website. With everything at your fingertips, you can choose the Template you need to build your site, at the start of each project.

The use of the program run in 5 easy steps:

[Image: iNAUoTv.png]

When you launch the program, you will see a window which ask you to select the project whether new project or complete a previously saved project
After you make your selection, run through the 5-step wizard which make it easy for you to construct your website
These steps include settings, template, map, pages and export

First: Settings:

[Image: 9i1w65E.png]

This step lets you to specify general and advanced settings for your project. The general settings include the project title, author, URL, description, content language, website icon and image
After you complete set up of the general settings, you can move to the advanced settings which offer you a lot of options to build a complete and perfect website. You can specify your blog and invite the members to your new blog. The professional version helps to restrict access to the blog to registered users who have a login and password. The program has many options and commands which let you create your blog and specify all its characters and settings in an easy and quick way. You will have a professional looking blog
In addition, you can add members area, RSS feed, shopping, privacy and security, control panel and data management. You can also enable blog and RSS Feed content distribution via the FeedReady App. Your visitors can download it for free in apple and google play stores. You can also include an entry page to introduce visitors to your website. An advertising message can be customized to display on the Home page only or on all the website pages
The professional version of the program offers you an online control panel and WebSite X5 Manager app so that you can use the features in the online Control Panel from a smartphone and tablet.

[Image: T3yAvEx.png]

Second step: you will choose the template for your website. You have many templates to select from according to the website you are planning to create, it aim and the users who will visit it. You can optimize your website to be used only on desktop or to be adapted for use on any device; for example desktop, smartphone, tablet and so on
Choose your site's design wisely to ensure success. Choose from 500 pre-defined graphic templates with WebSite X5. You can also create your own from scratch. Just add text, images, and effects from the internal editor and you'll have an original template for your website.
The program has a built in template editor which lets you customize your template in an easy way
You have many options as the resolution, responsive design, template structure and content, email layout, button and text style, tooltip on mouse over, pop up window and sticky bar

[Image: Bcm7fy2.png]

[Image: WL0FLhG.png]

[Image: eTY7ect.png]

[Image: 6vT3FfN.png]

Third step: Map:

This step is very important as it ask you to put a design or strategy for the arrangement of the pages on your website. In other words, this is the structure of your website.
The visitors must find it easy to navigate through different content on your website and not get lost. Users must be able to find any information they need quickly. In that way you will attract more users and avoid bad reputation about your website which make it abandoned
You will specify the arrangement of your pages using the options available in this section; for example, homepage, content, company info, products and so on. The properties button on the right bar allows you to see all the options necessary for optimizing, customizing graphics and adding code to your website pages. The program is of great help even for the new users who find this step difficult.

[Image: tSfiKX3.png]

The Fourth step is Pages:

After you have finished the website map, you can design the pages in your website and define the contents of each pages. The program lets you have unique pages. The process is very easy. Simply you need to choose from the drop down menu. Many options available for you; for example main page, header and footer, google, animation, data visualisation and so on.  There are options available for you according to your selection. For example in the main page , you can add text, images, table, gallery, animation and many more.
With the visual Drag & Drop system, all you have to do is drag content over to build your website. Add text, images, galleries, animations, videos, e-mail forms, search fields, product catalogues, or maps. WebSite X5 lets you do it all without touching a single line of code.
In addition, you can customize it using double click or the upper toolbar options. This toolbar allows users to customize the contents, style, add or remove rows or columns, set an effect to the selected object, add an anchor to the selected object and define the settings to make the page responsive.

[Image: TvKy1tE.png]

The style button include many commands which help you to have an attractive design, for example text, style and a style object.
You can also add a search field, animation, image, social media buttons, data visualization (to select the adobe acrobat file you want to see on the page), Google options (translate, maps, or Google plus), translator, media. Simply use the drop down menu present in the page creation area and select the option you need for your website
You can see any item you select and the changes you made through the preview area. Finally you can save your changes

[Image: QInaJb2.png]

The fifth step is project analysis and export. After you construct your website, now you will move to the last step where the program will guide you to analyze and export your website. Analysis feature is available only in the professional version and helps you to assess your website to identify any mistakes that can affect navigation, indexing and search.

[Image: HZpBUma.png]

Transfer content and pages from your computer directly to the web using the program's integrated FTP Engine, which supports a secure connection. Don't have a domain or web host yet? Choose the available hosting service, with your very own domain, free for one year.

Other available options for you at this step include export of your website to your own computer so that you have a copy of the files that will be published on the server. Also, all the project files can be exported as a single folder to be transferred to a different computer for example where you complete your project.

[Image: n6Yx5tl.png]



Easily create your website with unlimited desktop and mobile sites and pages
create blog, reviews, and RSS Feeds
E-commerce Pro
Many built in templates and image editor
WebSite X5 Manager
Database Integration
Advanced SEO for search engines
Privacy and Security
Backup Pro
FTP for easy online publishing
Support many languages
1 year FREE hosting and domain
And many more

Cons:  None


If you are looking for the best way to create professional websites and stores, the best software for you is WebSite X5 Professional 14.  It is the best choice for business work with many advantages including the built in tools and features, friendly interface, multi-use, complete, and flexible software. The stepped wizard make it easy for use even if you are a beginner. You will also save up to 60% in 1 year compared to subscription services.
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