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Website X5 Professional Review
[Image: l3gLAFU.jpg?1]
WebSite X5 Professional 13 - Create Websites, Blogs and Online Stores with Apps included.

 For Web Pro Users

Do you want to design your website or blog and don’t know how to start? Do you want your website to be suitable for all platforms? Incomedia WebSite X5 Professional is the right tool for building SEO-ready websites, blogs and online stores with mobile Apps included.

You will be able to create websites, e-commerce shopping carts, blogs, digital photo albums and interactive presentations easily and quickly. The projects are developed with a tree-like structure and organized in menus with various levels: there is no limit to the number of pages you can add.
Each page can have a different layout which can be completed with different objects, such as text, images, tables, galleries, videos, audio, e-mail forms, a guest book, maps, animation, product lists, titles, search fields and HTML objects. The professional edition lets you add dynamic contents.
The built in responsive design lets you design websites that will automatically switch and adjust to any device, including tablets and smartphones. The program has a unique step-by-step wizard builder which together with the built-in tools, features and templates simplify the process for you and helps you to have professional-looking sites. The built-in FTP (File Transfer Protocol) engine for publishing your website on the Internet so you don't need any external FTP programs.


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[Image: DWIsBV3.png]

Current version:  13

Release date:  11 October 2016

Size: 170 Mb

Minimum System Requirements:

-Windows 7 SP1, 8, 10
-Screen Resolution at 1024 x 600

Publication Requirements:

-Server Windows, Linux, Unix
-PHP 5.x, MySQL (only for certain advanced features)
Internet connection and e-mail account required for product activation.

Download and Installation:

The program is available as demo version that can be easily downloaded from the official website or full version offered to you after purchase. The demo version has some functional limitation but it will let you try all the program features before purchase. Installation of the program is very easy, simply double click on the installer and follow simple on screen instructions till the program is available and working on your computer. During installation, the program will install Microsoft.Net Framework (updated version) and Visual C+ distribution package and your computer may need to be restarted to complete installation of these components.

[Image: lEfDAm4.png]

[Image: UmHQHBs.png]

[Image: KBEOL7i.png]

[Image: GnaYgkA.png]

[Image: eneUoQ9.png]

[Image: 8dznFVI.png]

Activation and Registration:

After installation, you will need to activate your program. Simply submit a valid email then the license key you received after purchase. That’s all! Next step will let you register to enjoy extra benefits and support.

[Image: LMZJ8ib.png]

[Image: U0Fcug8.png]

[Image: RwxRAOt.png]

[Image: WcdoxQc.png]

[Image: a45bQmS.png]

[Image: korAyes.png]

User Interface:
[Image: vpZpwKC.png]

500+ customizable graphic template
Up to 10,000 pages
700,000 royalty free images
Graphic libraries with objects and apps
Online store with credit card payment gateway integration
Manage stock and promo coupon codes
Free domain, e-mail and web hosting for 12 months
Manage access and protected web pages
Database Integration
Social app buttons and boxes
Create multilanguage websites
Edit online with Dynamic Content
Create Responsive websites
Send mobile notifications via FeedReady - for iOS & Android
Manage website from mobile with WebSite X5 Manager for iOS & Android
Advanced SEO analysis and optimization
Manage projects and backups

Languages supported:  the program is multilingual support. 16 languages are supported

What is new:

Redesigned 5 step wizard
Improved performance and stability
Enhanced online control panel and development of website manager app which can be used on all websites designed with website x5
Enhanced responsive design features to create the best user experience ever. Create a single layout and decide how to change to different resolutions with the Responsive Bar.
Animation effects on Objects, Parallax Scrolling & Co

For full details about the changes and new features added please visit here:

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Check for updates:

It can be done automatically on the startup of the program or manually if you want to check for updates at any time

[Image: yNtymdm.png]


[Image: ZASomKY.png]

Compare WebSite X5 Products and Prices:

There are three versions of website X5; starter, evolution and Professional

I have used the professional edition of the program to show all the features available for all users

For the full detailed comparison of the features and tools available in the three editions; have a look to the website here:

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How to create website using Website X5 Professional?

Your dream to have a nice website become true and even easy using website X5 professional. The program offers you a 5 step wizard which will act as a visual guide for you. You don't need to have experience. The program will take you in a step by step manner to have your website

First step; setup your project:

When you start your project, the first step is to give some general information such as title, author, category of your website, description, URL, content language, icon and image. There is a small icon next to the image called open graph protocol. The You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. For instance, this is used on Facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook. These general information will be useful for search engine indexing. After you complete the general information section, you can move to the advanced settings button. It is to be noted you can find small information hint next to each title you select (i), this will give you some information about the features and tools available in this part.

[Image: x8VyM3w.png]

[Image: BArIfNP.png]

[Image: 3QaU3RF.png]

[Image: EEfth9f.png]

[Image: RVSsvxD.png]

[Image: h4WdvPV.png]

Advanced settings include 11 options such as: blog, RSS feed, mobile app, shopping cart, Statistics, SEO and code option, privacy and security, entry page, advertising message, data management, access management, control panel and website x5 manager

[Image: 1E7icwX.png]

The blog option lets you create the blog you need in an easy and professional way. When you click this option the pop up dialogue lets you add the title of the blog, its description, post settings (basic and expert), layout, buttons (for example, Facebook, twitter and so on) and possibility for users to add comments on any of your blog posts. Comment settings are also available; for example comments added immediately or need admin approval, notification email sent, latest comment above or below, CAPTCHA, and many more

[Image: UsEeaax.png]

[Image: 6Hpl4qg.png]

[Image: cfSpZKQ.png]

RSS Feed can also be easily designed. Simply add title, image, description and post settings (basic and expert). That's all!

[Image: vqownVW.png]

[Image: RbWi7wH.png]

Do you want to have an application specific for your website and can be installed on smartphones (iPhone or Android)? Of course this will increase the traffic of your site and make it easier for the users to interact at any time using this simple mobile app. The program will let you do this using an option in the advanced settings called FEEDREADY. This option will let you select the contents that will be available for the users (blog or RSS feed or both), you can preview the look of the app, you can also select to suggest installing or opening the app for users and push notifications sent in the presence of news. You can also specify app header picture.

[Image: 26atoXr.png]

You can add a shopping cart to your website. The process is very easy in the presence of 5 tabs that will let you specify everything. You can add the product list of your website, how to manage the orders (shipping and payment style), customer details (for example name, shipping address, city, ZIP code and so on), sending order (confirmation email) and options. These options include currency and VAT settings, images, background, description, coupon code and many other settings

[Image: a0zfot8.png]

[Image: ssol7hD.png]

[Image: CwpaqQi.png]

[Image: SoICun2.png]

[Image: ogJBSoH.png]

Statistics, SEO and Code option lets you work on page optimization using tools such as the SiteMap or the robots.txt file and adding the necessary code for including a website hit statistics service. Robots are programs that scan the web automatically, for different reasons. Search engines such as Google, for example, use them to index website contents; spammers, on the other hand, use them to obtain e-mail addresses without authorization.
The robots.txt file is simply a text file with a list of instructions that specify the kind of robots the rules apply to and the URL to be blocked.

[Image: pgwGoIc.png]

Privacy and Security advanced options is concerned with the website policies which you must include in your website aiming to protect users' privacy. The commands in the privacy section of this option lets you set up and display a banner which is a useful place to show your statement on personal data protection,  the use of cookies in the website and so on, which are now often required by law. For example; "This website uses cookies: please read the statement on data protection". It will be present in all web pages if you select the display the statement on website policies banner.
 The security button includes measures you can take to protect your website from abuse and spam. The commands available in this section can be used to enable HTML code protection (this will block right mouse button click menu to prevent access to the source code and images online using context menu options) and specify the type of Captcha you intend using to block spam e-mail. Two types of captcha are avialble; google or Website X5.

[Image: 8xR1Cy5.png]

[Image: LvjPwWX.png]

If you want to add a welcome page that appear to the users before access of the homepage, you can do this easily using Entry page option. You will be able to specify the type of entry (welcome) page, its content, image, background, sounds. You can select to show the entry page and let the users select the language they prefer if your website support many languages. You can also select to automatically detect language and resolution

[Image: c5F5dU2.png?1]

You can also add an advertising message to attract the visitors' attention to your site. This can be designed easily using advanced settings in Website X5 program. It can be in the form of picture or animation. You will be able to add type, style and effect of your advert.

[Image: 31OQtyD.png]

Data management of your project can be managed in an easy and professional way in the advanced settings section. This is very important in your new project. The databases linked to the project must be created before you can store data submitted via an E-mail Form Object , start of new users registrations in the Members' Area or use the shopping cart. Commands available in this section will help you  to create a list of the databases required for your new website project. The databases will be available in the table with its description, hostname and username. The add button lets you easily add new databases, You can edit or remove any database if you want.

[Image: NYVK4C4.png]

The access management section offers you many commands to create a list of users who have privileged access to the member's area (locked areas) of your website.  For example, admins, mods and so on. In the professional version of Website X5, it includes two buttons, users and settings. In the users button, you can use the right sided buttons to add a new group of users or new user or edit an existing one. you can also create an Alias for the selected user. This option is useful when a user has been added to more than one group. This will help to offer access to different locked pages. The settings button gives you the option to select manual or automatic registration. Manual registration allows the website administrator to create the users and sends them their login and password, registration form can be present but need to completed by the admin. Automatic registration lets users to register automatically, filling in the form on the website. If you activate this option you will have to specify many settings as database, admin email, Captcha, validation email, and many more settings for registration. The admin can see registered users in the control panel and can still use manual registration option

[Image: yVcBHL6.png]

[Image: NTBgjNy.png]

[Image: jwipUW2.png]

Control Pane and Website X5 manager: Using the online control panel, admins can monitor and manage website information, for example, statistics, website hits, comments...etc. You can access your admin control panel from your smart phone using the Website X5 manager app. This section in the advanced settings lets you add URL for the online control panel, specify a style (for example logo, color), and smartphone app installation

[Image: QK6qIUY.png]

Second step is Template Selection:

In this step, you will select the template you want for your website. This will help you to have a website with attractive look that gives a good impression. You will have more visitors to your site. In the program, there will be a default template associated with your project once started. Of course you can change this template with the one you prefer. There are three  options available for you in this step; first is to select from the default collection of templates. These are divided into groups based on its type and use through a drop down menu, if you select all templates option, you can browse all available templates. There us a preview window on the right side which lets you see the template before you select it. Some of these templates can be downloaded for free while others need purchase. There is a toolbar above the templates which include templates types based on category (for example; travel, sport, health and many more), templates horizontal or vertical menu or all, preview size (small, medium or large) and template updates. After you select the template you can start customization based on your preferences. Customization include resolution and responsive design, header and footer contents. When you made changes you can keep the breakpoints of the original template or replace it, also keep the objects of the original template or add or replace with the new ones

The second option is to select a template existing in your library (Custom Library). This library can be some of your customized default templates or empty ones. They are saved to be used again in other projects, therefore you have good results and save your time. The buttons (commands) on the right side will help you in your work on the templates and include; add, rename, remove, import and export.

The third option is to create your own template starting from the scratch

[Image: trBFe8t.png]

[Image: YXNNhI4.png]

[Image: 2sFHFDZ.png]

[Image: KOwiGTR.png]

How to customize your template:

After you select your template, you can start customization process which also run in step by step guided wizard.

[Image: EWdE24G.png]

Resolution and Responsive design:

Many users prefer to use smartphones to access their favorite websites. Currently this is very common among many users worldwide. So, when you are trying to construct your website, it is better to be optimized for use on smartphones. Website X5 will help you to have your website automatically optimized regarding the layout and contents. Simply select the option; "responsive site". It is available in customization of template. It is to be noted that all default templates support creation of responsive website

[Image: bRy7Ur3.png]

Template structure:

This customization option will help you to do all the changes you want to the default or custom template or to create your new template from scratch. You can define the  template layout for Desktop display and the responsive website viewports. The template layout is divided into sections that can be customized. Simply select the menu type from the drop down list then specify the properties for each section of the page. You can preview any changes before confirmation using the preview window on the right side

[Image: XcihtYm.png]

[Image: tDH6HAP.png]

[Image: d1O93iF.png]

Header and Footer content:

This option present in this part will help you to customize the header and footer of your website. You can add various contents such as texts, pictures, tables, animations, slideshows, HTML code, logo. Once you select an object, simply drag and drop it to the required position then start editing. The object management option helps you to install or uninstall or update objects available in the program  

[Image: NuN55q6.png]

[Image: aki8ve5.png]

[Image: QYde3T7.png]

Main menu style:

This window includes many commands which helps to customize the main menu of your website. The main menu includes list of the first level items you specified in the sitemap. This section is categorized into 3 parts; general, menu items and 3D

[Image: dKdaDmF.png]

[Image: 1SlkhA2.png]

[Image: 227w5r0.png]

Drop down menu style:

This section helps you to easily customize the look of the drop down menus. This becomes visible when the mouse goes on an item in the main menu. Commands are categorized under three parts; general, menu items and 3D.

[Image: 1GzWy1i.png]

[Image: jZDyjX4.png]

[Image: xnjJEl6.png]

Page menu style:

This option includes the commands necessary for customizing buttons in page menus. They are categorized under two sections; general and menu items

[Image: Gw8NoMC.png]

[Image: z6oJPxP.png]

Text style:

Using the commands here, you can specify the style and type of the various texts used in your website. For example; color, font, background...

[Image: EJ9Dvdd.png]

Showbox, Tooltip and E-mail:

This section include the tools that help you to customize the Showbox graphic style and the popup window where you can show images or document. Tooltip commands allows you to customize the style of the tip associated with links to text , images or email fields. The email features helps to customize the look and graphics of emails sent from your website.

[Image: K4lVX8N.png]

[Image: xaLw4tp.png]

[Image: nnzrTXd.png]

Page scroll options:

This part includes the options concerned with scroll of your website. This is of importance in responsive websites

[Image: 1z0e9Tn.png]

Third step is to create site map:

As all we know, any website is a collection of pages arranged as a site map. The program will help you to easily create a well arranged site map. This step is very important as the website needs to be arranged in a logic manner so that the visitors can navigate through in an easy way and find it interesting. The buttons available on the right side lets you create new levels and new pages under each level. You can also rearrange pages using up and down buttons. At any time you can remove levels or pages you don't need. You must remember to rename new levels and pages which will appear as titles in the main menu of your website. You can also add a separator between pages to separate various items present in your site menu. In addition, there is a toolbar above the program window which offers you many options as cut, copy, paste, expand, locked page, hidden page or page under construction 

[Image: cJWtuIB.png]

[Image: CWxoq6V.png]

[Image: LGSSS4A.png]

Fourth step is to create pages:

After you have finished the website map in the previous step, you will need to define the contents of the various pages in your website. This can be easily done in the fourth step. The process is very easy. First select an item from the drop down menu (header and footer , main page...) and see the options available for you. For example in the main page , you can add text, images, table, gallery, animation and many more. Simply select the item you want to add to your page and insert it in the location you want using drag and drop. Next you can customize it using double click or the toolbar options above the customization area. This toolbar lets you customize the contents, style, add or remove rows or columns, set an effect to the selected object, add an anchor to the selected object and define the settings to make the page responsive.

The style button include the commands required to have an attractive design such as the  style, text and a style object from a built in library.

The content lets you define the properties of the selected item. It is variable according to the item you selected to add to the page. For example if you select to add a text, image, gallery, video,...etc, the available contents to be set are variable. This will be discussed in more details below.  

You can also add a search field, animation, image, social media buttons, data visualization (to select the adobe acrobat file you want to see on the page), Google options (translate, maps, or Google plus), translator, media. These options are available from the drop down menu present in the page creation area

There is a preview area which lets you see any selected item and the changes you made before you save it

[Image: XdeVLWU.png]

[Image: gTCwCCh.png]

[Image: cuiY9eW.png]

[Image: qi2BQGF.png]



If you select to add an image, the content button allows you to locate the image on your computer or on the web, then to add properties and specify its display mode and protection.


[Image: yHjLti1.png]


[Image: XOnOYti.png?1]

add image to site map:

[Image: NSjIA97.png]

Title object:

This feature helps you to add title in both the header of the page and also in the contents. You can the font type, color, style, effect.... 

[Image: DEkQrCH.png]

Text :

Text is one of the most important items for building a successful website. You must write your text in careful and professional manner to attract more visitors. You can add any text you want on your website. With the help of text editor, you will be able to specify the text content, color, font and so on. It can also be shown in tabs

[Image: 64X8GNF.png]

[Image: LHDIKob.png]


Using this built in tool, you can also add galleries of you photos and videos to your website. Commands and tools in gallery is categorized under style, list and thumbnails. The list tab helps you to add the files and arrange them. Other commands lets you have galleries of different display, effects and navigation methods. 

[Image: Rk8NHWG.png]

[Image: LATKwHg.png]

[Image: bEr5dFZ.png]


If you want to add some entertainment as video or music, the process is very easy. simply select video/audio then specify the file you want to add whether located on the web or locally on your computer. 

[Image: s7alUYU.png]

E-mail form:

If you want to add some e-mail field asking the visitors to register (for example to access some are or section, to reply , for contact purposes and so on), simply use the email field option. After inserting the command in the page, you will find three available options including list, send and style. The list option lets you add any information you need to be filled by the users. Style option specify the style and layout of the page. Send option define the commands concerned with the form submission by the users

[Image: bfxfW40.png]

[Image: t51sZC6.png]

[Image: IiQBxdR.png]


The guestbook is a very interesting and useful tool. Simply, it lets website visitors to leave comment about the content, give a vote for your website, add their signature or add some suggestion for you, leave feedback......

[Image: quKgwHr.png]

Animation Object:

You can also add webanimation or flash animation to give more impressive look to your site.

[Image: YWRVwGo.png]


The table option is very important as the tables are usually presenting the data better than text. For example, comparing different software versions, prices of different trips,...etc. The program lets you easily add tables to your pages with all the necessary tools present in the toolbar above the creation window

[Image: ubuM0tB.png]

Product Catalogue:

Product catalogue feature is of great help for you to design a very interesting online store to present your products with some description for each product.

[Image: gblfDPY.png]

[Image: vLyz9RD.png]

Dynamic content:

Dynamic content option lets you specify some users (other than the website author) to make changes to certain areas of the website

[Image: TTTGS9l.png]

HTML Code object:

HTML Code Object: using this option you can add any html code to the website , this will help you to add specific features you want.

[Image: HPSBOrz.png]

The program has built in utilities that can be added to your website as login and logout option, add to cart, blog posts widget (to show the latest posts in your blog).

Blog widget:

[Image: GhnPL9j.png]


[Image: 1ct7OYE.png]

Google translation tool:

[Image: 6gPdtfW.png]

Data visualization: to select the adobe acrobat file you want to see on the page

[Image: yLR60NL.png]


[Image: DgrhsoU.png]

[Image: dPnft70.png]

[Image: Tl3ctjm.png]

Settings to make the page responsive:

[Image: iyA8TWH.png]

Fifth (last) step is to do analysis and export of your website:

After you finish designing your website, it's time to move to the last step which lets you analyze your website for any errors or mistakes that can affect navigation and searching. You can correct this before exporting the website online. Once you are ready, the program will help you to go online using secure built in FTP connection that publish your files directly to the server. Other export options include save to a folder on your computer, save to USB, CD or DVD

[Image: mKVZgJJ.png]

[Image: rxd4Bqj.png]

[Image: U6ygBRG.png]

[Image: sBXzsjw.png]

[Image: sNxxW3r.png]

Image Editor:

The program has a built in image editor which can be accessed using edit button. You will find this option when you are adding photos to your website. It will help you to have very attractive website with unique collection of images. The editor offers many useful tools such as effects, crop, watermark, mask, filters and library. You can easily have a professional looking images on your site.

[Image: fyH8SpQ.png]


Create your website in simple step wizards
Built in image editor
Secure FTP connection to export your website online
Many built in templates
Support many languages
Easy to use wizard that guide you step by step
Full control of your website
apps and graphic library
And many more 

Cons: you need to have some experience to use it and create a professional website


Website X5 is the comprehensive solution that allows you create a professional looking website that will be very attractive to all visitors. It run step by step in a visual guide wizard with help content available for you. You can build your dream website in 5 simple steps
Another nice one, thanks tarek for this great review. Smile
Looking forward to reading the entire review once finished.
good review .
nice review Tarek  Smile
I hope to finish the review soon. Too many features in this program.
a always thanks for professional review Heart
The review is now finally complete

Giveaway will start soon
Wow, tarekma7, what a perfect extensive review! I hope to finish reading it this year!  Lol
Very good work.

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