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Find "Mysterious missing Free Space" on your Hard Disk Drives
[size=large][font=palatino linotype]This article applies to Windows Vista and Windows 7

Ever wonder why free space on your Hard Disk Drives suddenly seems to go missing without an explanation and you cannot figure out where this free space has gone?

About 6 months ago when I turned on my PC, I noticed one of my backup drives had significantly less free space than it should have (approximately 50 GB of free space missing). I didn't understand how this space was missing because I
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Download Any YouTube Vimeo Dailymotion Facebook Videos Right from Your Browser
[color=#333333][size=medium][font=Georgia, 'Times New Roman', 'Bitstream Charter', Times, serif]I am always trying to find a better way to download online videos, mainly YouTube, and watch offline. You see I have used 4K Video Downloader on Windows and MacX YouTube Downloader on Mac. They two are both very
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Do Your Data Recovery Professional 3.0 free for 72 hours
[Image: http://i59.tinypic.com/2i1hy8g.jpg]

Recover Everything You've Lost[size=large] with Do Your Data Recovery Professional. This is an easy-to-use yet powerful file recovery software to solve your multiple data loss problems. It can recover lost data easily and quickly from PC, laptop, hard drive, USB drive, SD card, Memory card, external disk or other storage device. With powerful data recovery features, Do Your Data Recovery can easily and thoroughl
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Blur: Protect your passwords, payments, and privacy. Free and Paid Versions
Blur (known as DoNotTrackMe or MaskMe) is a way to protect your passwords, payments and privacy but using Blur as a Password management, block trackers, and masking your emails if using the free version.

This is an app and Browser plug-ins that work with most major browsers.

It seems to be great and what it does and comes in handy at times. The premium features add more capability and helps protect more of
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Sidekick: be able to see when Your Sent email is open

Get live notifications when someone opens or clicks on your emails. Know when and have access to this information instantly. You choose which emails are tracked.
Email Services

Sidekick can track emails from:

Apple Mail
Outlook (Desktop, Outlook.com)

Sidekick email tracker
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Two Steps Ahead: Protecting Your Digital Life
[Video: https://youtu.be/vC8qbff_U4o]

[size=medium]Using a password alone to secure your data on online accounts is the first step toward protecting yourself. Learn how to take the second step and add an extra layer of security and take control of your online accounts with 2 step authentication. There’s no universal method, but most web services that offer account protection beyond the password require the use of a phone, email account, physical device (token, chip, fob,
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Post Your Favorite Place to be on New Years Eve & Win!
[Image: http://i67.tinypic.com/3448615.jpg]

As 2015 comes to a end, there’s a lot to be thankful for in this past year and a lot to look forward to in 2016. Before we get ahead of ourselves and start planning for 2016, I wanted to ask our members how they will be spending the last day of 2015.

[size=large]Do you have a favorite spot or destination that you visit every year? Are you planning on journeying to a new city? Or do you like to just curl u
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How long is your password? HTTPS Bicycle attack reveals that and more
A new attack on supposedly secure communication streams raises questions over the resilience of passwords, security researchers warn.
The HTTPS Bicycle attack can result in the length of personal and secret data, such as passwords and GPS co-ordinates, being exposed from a packet capture of a user's HTTPS traffic.
The attack – discovered by security researcher Guido Vranken (and summarised below) – refocuses attention on topics such as encryption, authentication, privacy and most specifically
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You Will Soon Be Able to Control Your Home with Windows 10
If you've ever predicted that Cortana might be able to control your entire home, and you'll simply have everything around you work with voice commands, you sir might be a fortune teller.

Because that's what Microsoft is very close to doing with Windows 10, Cortana, and its IoT push, as the company has recently joined forces with Samsung for what could be revolutionary home technology.

At CES 2015, Samsung and Microsoft demonstrated how the two companies are supporting the IoT effort
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FREE STEAM KEY - Grab your copy of X-Blades!
FREE STEAM KEY - Grab your copy of X-Blades!