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Big Upgrade for Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate
Considering its increasing demand of products to help users to download, convert and edit videos facilely, Aiseesoft today announced the innovations of Video Converter Ultimate. Video Converter Ultimate satisfies video fanciers to download and convert online videos or homemade DVDs on Mac/Windows computer to popular portable devices conveniently. This release focuses on the extra editing enhancement of visual enjoyment.

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MacX Video Converter Pro Upgrade for iPhone 6s/Plus, iPad Pro
I don't use MacX Video Converter Pro quite often but it does work great on converting my .avi files to Mac friendly .mov as well as my iphone 6. I had some trouble converting AVCHD files with the program being not able to import the AVCHD to it but I had way out and had some tips on AVCHD as well. If you are interested, check here for detail.  I notice there is a new version for MacX Video Converter Pro. It is mainly upgraded for new rel
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Free Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7/8 (Step by Step)
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IM-Magic Partition Resizer Po Free Upgrade 79% off
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[48 Hours Left] Upgrade to ACDSee Ultimate Pack for only $69!
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Magic DVD Copier 10 Licenses Giveaway One Year Upgrade
In cooperation with Magic DVD, I am offering 10 licenses of Magic DVD Copier for Windows[color=#666666][size=small][
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Microsoft warns enterprises to upgrade to Windows 10 or be left behind
Windows 10 is needed to leverage any new chipsets from the likes of Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm

Microsoft is in a difficult position at the moment. The company needs Windows 10 to take off, both to meet their goal of a billion Windows 10 users and thus solidify their place in the market and to avoid negative press around Windows 10 adoption rates. Microsoft wants to talk about how 200 million people have installed Windows 10 in a little over five months, not how enterprises are putting
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IDM v6.19- 3 PC Lifetime License with Free Upgrade (21% Discount)
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Ashampoo® Office 2016 UPGRADE 66% discount:
ONLY $26.65 instead of $79.99 | You save 66%

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Dell Needs to Know If You Want to Upgrade the Firmware from Linux Systems
The company has an online poll for Linux users

Dell wants to provide support for upgrading the firmware for its products from Linux systems, but the company wants to focus its efforts in the right direction and is trying to gather more data with an online poll.

Most computers out there right now, whether they are PCs or laptops, can only be upgraded with Windows tools or from Windows sys