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Blur: Protect your passwords, payments, and privacy. Free and Paid Versions
Blur (known as DoNotTrackMe or MaskMe) is a way to protect your passwords, payments and privacy but using Blur as a Password management, block trackers, and masking your emails if using the free version.

This is an app and Browser plug-ins that work with most major browsers.

It seems to be great and what it does and comes in handy at times. The premium features add more capability and helps protect more of
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How to protect your smartphone when it’s being used by your children
Kids love smartphones and tablets and it’s hard to keep the wee cherubs away from them. But did you know there are some simple ways of locking your phone or tablet down so the children can still use their favourite apps without causing mischief on your device? And here’s how.
[align=justify]If you have children you know what happens when you put your smartphone down. From the corner of your eye you see a swift moving shadow, there’s a faint sound and then rapid scurrying usually accom
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Password protect a folder in windows
Although locking a folder isn’t the most secure way of protecting it, but it’s a fine method to have on hand in a pinch.
1- First, navigate to the folder you’re looking to restrict access to and create a new text document within it (right-click > New > Text Document)

2- Open that document up and paste the following string into the body
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Bitdefender Box, Nest Thermostat (3rd gen), Nest Cam and Nest Protect
Bitdefender Box, Nest Thermostat (3rd gen), Nest Cam and Nest Protect

Quote:Want to win Bitdefender Box, Nest Thermostat (3rd gen), Nest Cam and Nest ? I just entered to win

[Image: http://o.aolcdn.com/hss/storage/midas/88...y-1600.jpg]

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Microsoft releases Cloud App Security to protect SaaS apps and data
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Back in September of last year we reported that Microsoft had announced its purchase of cloud security firm Adallom to help its customers protect their cloud-based data and applications.
In February it teased that a new Cloud App Security offering based on Adallom's technology would be released in April. Well, today the wa
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Copy Protect (30% OFF)

Discount :  30%

Final Price:  48.9$
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Infographic: Protect Your Laptop from Damage & Disaster
[quote]Infographic: Protect Your Laptop from Damage & Disaster

Like many other electronic items, your laptop did not come cheap and was probably only purchased after plentiful consideration over which was the best to buy. In other words, it’s a quite valuable and important item to have in your possession, but for some, it’s not so valuable and important as to take all reasonable actions to prevent it from being destroyed. There are so many ways in which a laptop ca
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Does sandboxie protect computer against hackers and keyloggers ??
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Use USB Encryption Tools to Password-Protect Files and Folders on the Go
One of the many security methods available for protecting sensitive files and folders is through USB drive encryption. This way, you can take the secure devices with you and access the secret contents on any computer, as long as you remember the password.

In the following guide, we're looking into three Windows applications dedicated to this task to show you how they work: BitLocker, USB Safeguard and Kaka USB Security. BitLocker is free, mad
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How to Protect Data on USB Flash Drive