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d7 Premium
Why You Need It:
  • Increase productivity and efficiency, save time and dramatically increase revenue

  • Provide technicians with a uniform procedure to follow, ensuring optimal quality and work performance consistency

Capabilities Include:
Providing automation for:
  • Virus / Malware Removal

  • Windows Repair and Maintenance

  • Data Backup

  • System Info / Reporting

  • Keeping all of your tools updated!

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SpyShelter Premium (50% Discount)
50% Discount

Final Price:  EUR 11.97

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Sticky Password Premium with free lifetime upgrades
75% Discount

25$ Final Price  Originally : 99.99 $

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Blur Premium Mobile: 2-Yr Subscription (USA Only)
50% Discount
Don't Fall Victim to Data Breaches & Identity Theft-- Let Blur Mask Your Personal Info Online
Blur brings you the ultimate online privacy solution by allowing you to create temporary, masked email addresses, credit card numbers, and phone numbers so you’ll never have to give your personal data to online merchants again. Also a password manager for desktop and mobile devices, Blur is a powerful, full-service information protector.
[b]“People who are feeling uneasy
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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium (1 license)
I have one license for Malwarebytes Antimalware Premium valid for 1 PC for 1 Year

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Malwarebytes Antimalware Premium (1 year/1PC)
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Friends Who Share Are The Best! - LastPass Premium
Anyone want to try LastPass to remember your passwords and simplify logging in to all your accounts. Accept my invitation below to get a free month of LastPass Premium!

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Password Boss Premium lifetime subscription [87% Discount]

87% Discount

Final Price:  19.99$
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Sticky Password Premium [70% Discount] (1 Liense/Lifetime)

70% Discount

Original Price: 99.99$

Final Price 29.99$

I would like to Thank  Askanag for arrangement of this discount for our members
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Adguard Premium [5 Licenses/ 1 year]
[Image: http://i66.tinypic.com/33n94r8.png]

Adguard is the best way to get rid of annoying ads, online tracking and to protect your computer from malware.

Install Adguard and you'll be amazed!

It is finally time to release Adguard 6! We have put a lot of time and effort into its development, and you will see this reflected in the release notes. A lot was added, even more was improved compared to Adguard 5. New version became much more intuitive in use, functional and diverse.