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Sticky Password Premium (1 year) for free
Only one password to remember

    Sticky Password manages all your passwords
    and personal data
    Automatically fills in forms for you
    Generates extra-strong new passwords, whenever
    you need them
    Stores credit card numbers for express checkout

We secure data just like the military

    AES‑256 encryption the world’s leading standard also used by the military
    Optional synchronization via local Wi‑Fi – your encrypted data never leaves your devices
    Your maste
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RoboForm Password Manager
A penny for your thoughts...How about a RoboForm Everywhere license instead?

In recognition of National Swap Ideas day, we want to hear from you! Share your thoughts on RoboForm and we'll select 10 people to receive a free RoboForm Everywhere license.

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Dashlane Password Manager
Dashlane is a killer password manager that automatically inputs your password for you on any site! On any device you're on!

12 months of premium access - 100% free!


(No Credit Card Required)
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Get Dashlane password manager 100% FREE
Dashlane Premium

Quote:Dashlane Premium Freebie
  • 12 months of Dashlane Premium.
  • Cloud enabled Password Manager and Digital Wallet.
  • Iron-clad security: local only encryption and storage.
  • Sync accross PC, Mac, Browser, iOS, and Android apps.
  • Unlimited password sharing.
  • Web access and backup of all passwords.
  • For new users only.

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SuperEasy Password Manager PRO 1 Year License
[quote]Why SuperEasy Password Manager Pro:
[color=#666666][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Strong passwords are paramount to security. What identity cards do in real life, passwords do on the Internet. According to experts, secure passwords should therefore contain at least 8 or 10 or even better 11 characters and consist of upper- and lowercase letters, digits and special characters that make no sense overa
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Sticky Password Premium 50% OFF
Please note folks: this deal is for the for 1 Users, Lifetime license

You know the deal, you just want to log in to a website really quickly to check your bank balance, available credit, or whether you remembered to pay the car payment. But even if you know the login and password off the top of your head, it still takes time to get into the site, and it can be super frustrating if you are short on time. It’s even worse if you want to buy something and have to fill out your shipp
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LogMeIn to Acquire Password Management Leader LastPass
[quote]Thank you for all the support we have received in response to our exciting news today. To address the concerns that some in our community have raised, I want to personally assure you that this is good news for our users.  First of all, we (LogMeIn/LastPass) have no plans to change our existing business model. Secondly, this acquisition provides us with access to resources that will enable us to innovate faster, as we continue to strive to deliver an even better product than the one you ha
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Sticky Password Premium for free 1-year
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Windows Password Recovery Tool Standard
Windows Password Recovery Tool Standard

Windows Password Recovery Tool Standard offer a iso files to make a bootable CD/DVD. Then remove password.

No need to reinstall operating system.
This software offers two password recovery options.

Quick Recovery: It offers built-in iso file, you only need to click burn button to make boot disk directly.

Advanced Recovery: It offers all Windows operating system iso file seperately. Users can select the appropriate one according
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SuperEasy Password Manager Pro 10 LICENSE GIVEAWAY
[Image: http://i.imgbox.com/UuqYZ2WR.png]
SuperEasy Password Manager Pro automatically detects when a password is required and generates a secure password on-the-fly. Furthermore, SuperEasy Password Manager Pro automatically fills in forms with your personal information.