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Fired Up or Burned Out (Usually $14.99)
Indisputable evidence has revealed the greatest threat to America's economy. Is it off-shoring labor? Unethical corporate practices? A turbulent market that forces downsizing? No. A Gallup Organization survey of more than one million Americans show that nearly 75 percent of all workers are disengaged. Employee disengagement is a widespread malady in American organizations, causing the loss of billions of dollars, hours of dissatisfaction, and work lives lacking true value. In his book, Fired Up
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Microsoft expands Get Windows 10 program to domains, publishes opt-out instructions
As the year-long free upgrade offer for Windows 10 nears the halfway mark, Microsoft is getting more aggressive, with new plans to begin displaying the GWX taskbar icon and upgrade prompts on business PCs that had previously been off-limits.

If you thought Microsoft was getting ready to ease up on its massive Get Windows 10 upgrade campaign, think again.
The company announced today that it plans to expand the program, pushing the aggressive GWX taskbar icon and pop-up upgrade notif
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Ashampoo Cut Out v4.0 (71% Discount)
CUTOUT 4.0 allows you to cut out the finest details and transparent objects at the click of a mouse. Even if the background is complex, CUTOUT 4.0 can remove the objects you need thanks to perfect edge recognition and inside/outside matting – precision cutting out was never easier.

19.99$    71% Discount

Original 69$

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Ransomware Is Out of Control, Hits Hospitals, Churches, Schools, Courthouses
More and more users fall victims to ransomware

During the past month, ransomware infections have gotten out of control and have infected not only home users, but many high-profile targets like courthouses, hospitals, schools, and even churches.
After earlier this month, the ransomware infection that paralyzed the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles made headlines around the world, it appears that many mo
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Firefox 45: Find out what is new
Firefox 45 has been released on March 8, 2016  to the stable channel. The release overview lists all major changes of the release for Firefox desktop and mobile versions.

All Firefox channels get updated at the same time which means that Beta, Developer Edition, Nightly and Firefox ESR releases are also updated on the same day.

This moves Firefox Beta to version 46, the Developer Edition to version 47, Nightly to version 48, and Fir
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NVIDIA Vulkan GeForce 364.91 Beta Driver Is Out - Download Now
The new driver release updates Vulkan API to 1.0.8
NVIDIA has made available its 364.91 beta Vulkan GeForce graphics driver, which updates Vulkan API to 1.0.8, improves pipeline creation performance and multi-threaded scaling, and fixes minor driver and SPIR-V compiler bugs.
In addition to that, NVIDIA also managed to double the maximum bound descriptor sets, Implement support for asynchronous transfer queue, as well as reduce VkPhysicalDeviceLimits bufferImageGranularity r
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How To Get The Truth Out of Anyone
[Image: https://iphone.giveawayoftheday.com/wp-c...190364.jpg]

In an ideal society there would be no need for lies. But we live in a world of deception. And whether you want to
play or not, you're in the game. The question is, do you want to win?

Once you realize that you’re being lied to, should you confront the liar immediately? Usually not. The best
approach is to note the fact in your mind and continue with the conver
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Fired Up or Burned Out
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took great care in who you hired to join your team. At first, it went really well, and everyone was firing on all cylinders. Today, you’re stuck in a rut that compromises passion, creativity, and productivity across all of your employees! What’s the solution? Step one is to pick up a copy of today’s discount promotion, Fired Up or Burned Out!
Fired Up or Burned Out shows you how to rei
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YouTube Rolls Out In-App Instant Messaging
The chat service is available to only a few users for now

Sharing YouTube videos on mobile phones normally requires switching between applications and copy-pasting URL addresses. YouTube has decided to address this matter and has started rolling out a service with messenger capabilities for commenting on videos. Only a few users have access to the chat service for now, but access is expected to widen in the next period of time.

According to a report by [url=http://www.wired.c
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Is Your Computer Crashing? Find Out Why in 5 min.