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Office 2016 gets updated drawing and annotation features, optimized for touch
Microsoft continues to provide timely and extensive updates to their ever-expanding Office 365 suite of products. Whether it’s on the desktop or mobile, the company is taking care to ensure that Office apps don’t stagnate. The newest version of Office 2016 and Office Mobile for Windows 10 is offering up some enhanced drawing and annotation capabilities for touch- and pen-enabled devices.

Microsoft is specifically highlighting new annotation functionality, allowing you to take notes, highli
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SoftMaker Office 2012 and Elegant Handwriting Fonts
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SoftMaker Office Standard 2012 (100% Discount)
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SoftMaker Office 2012
SoftMaker Office 2012

Quote:[Image: http://i.imgur.com/gB0K0Gd.png]

With this fast, powerful and compatible office suite, you’ll complete your writing, designing and calculating in less time:
- Word processor: TextMaker
- Spreadsheet program: PlanMaker
- Presentation graphics: Presentations

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WPS Office Free 2016
WPS Office Free 2016

[Image: http://download.komputerswiat.pl/media/2...e-free.jpg]

WPS Office Personal Edition (formerly Kingsoft Office, WPS Office Free) is a great alternative to expensive office software. WPS Office Personal Edition is an office suite that offers a number of features for creating, viewing and editing personal and business documents. WPS Office Personal Edition includes WPS Writer, WPS Presentation and WPS spreadsheets. These t
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SoftMaker Office 2016 [50% Discount]
Enjoy Full MS Office Compatibility
50% Off

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Windows/Office key checker?
Does anyone know any reliable, official and serious source where someone could check the status, information, validity and other things for Windows and Office keys?
For instance, i won`t send any key to a specific mail address in order to be checked as I don`t have any warranty that my key won`t be sold or used.

Thanks in advance.
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Office 365 Personal version and 1 TB of storage space in onedrive free for 1 year
Good Day Everyone! I would like to share the free Office365 for 1 year, just follow the instruction from malwaretips.
 Here is the link. https://malwaretips.com/threads/office-3...ost-491797
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Softmaker Office Standard 2012
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Softmaker Office Standard 2012 for Windows + Elegant Handwriting Fonts Collection

With this fast, powerful and compatible office suite, you'll complete your writing, designing and calculating in less time:
  • Word processor: TextMaker

  • Spreadsheet program: PlanMaker

  • Presentation graphics: Presentations

Nothing has personal impact quite like a handwritten note. Thanks
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Microsoft Adds New Feature in Office 2016 That Can Block Macro Malware
How-to guide also included, showing sysadmins how to protect their enterprises from malicious macro malware

Microsoft is finally addressing the elephant in the room in terms of security for Office users and has announced a new feature in the Office 2016 suite that will make it harder for attackers to exploit macro malware.

For years, macro malware has been the easiest avenue in infecting Microsoft users, and despite all the warnings and examples where macro-transmitted malwar