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93% of UK mobile users have their location tracked every day
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Awareness of the privacy issues involved in using various devices and software has grown dramatically in recent years -- there can be few readers who do not know about the telemetry and privacy concerns surround Windows 10, for instance. But a new campaign by privacy-focused advocacy group
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GPS Location Remover For Photos
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[quote]Do you know the most cameras and smart phones will add the GPS location information to your photos when you take pictures? If you post or share them to third-party places, these third-party places will host your photos and their locations both!
In this case, the third-party sites and their users can easily get the locations of you, your friends and family without your permission. This is a
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The opening of the new location for the Montreal Research centre.
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Published on Aug 21, 2017
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Fake GPS Location PRO
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Follow - realtime location app using GPS / Network
Follow - realtime location app using GPS / Network 

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Follow app can track other smartphones places and in real time.

Key features include:

Easily connect via the same site to other Follow App users. As soon as other Follow App users are nearby, you can submi
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US Cell Carriers Still Selling User Location Data
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Now, new reporting by Motherboard shows that while LocationSmart faced the brunt of the criticism, few focused on the other big player in the location-