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Chain Link Pro
[quote]Create long chains in this high adrenaline touch and drag action game. Chain Link Pro is simple to play, just glide one finger across the screen to link together matching colored shapes and navigate the chain into the center vortex to score. Forming longer chains increases the difficulty of avoiding collisions but also rewards you with more points.

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Driver Genius 14 and 15 direct download link
Driver Genius 14 and 15 direct download link needed !

can anyone provide it ?
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how to get a link correctly
Please show me how to get a link (to work correctly) for the giveaways like Twitter, Facebook or other places. I would like to be able to get deals.

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Fast Link Checker
A tool used for searching sites for broken links. It begins checking from the starting page and goes through all pages one by one until it checks all pages on the site. If Fast Link Checker finds a broken link, it shows its position in the document and the cause why it does not work. Fast Link Checker includes a feature-rich web site crawler, which supports different user authentication types such as SSL certificate and form login[color=#494949].
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FREE Kaspersky VirusDesk Scan your file or link for viruses
https://virusdesk.kaspersky.com/?utm_sou...ent=footer    Bases release date: Apr 18 2017 16:36:07 UTC
Scan your file or link for viruses.
Report a new threat or false detection.

Drag-and-drop a file or paste a link here
By clicking SCAN you agree to the Terms of Use of Kaspersky VirusDesk.    Questions and Answers
How are the files scanned?
Kaspersky VirusDesk checks files
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WikiLeaks Vault 7: CIA can hack D-Link, Belkin and Linksys routers
https://betanews.com/2017/06/16/wikileak...ryblossom/    WikiLeaks Vault 7: CherryBlossom files show CIA can hack D-Link, Belkin and Linksys routers into listening devices

By Mark WilsonPublished 1 day ago   Wikileaks has released a batch of documents from the middle of 2012 revealing details of the CIA's CherryBlossom project. A joint venture with the Stanford Research Institute, the CherryBlossom files show how the agency can take remote control of routers and other networking de
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Windows 10 Now Lets Users Link Android Phones to PCs
Microsoft’s most recent Windows 10 insider build introduces a new feature that allows users to link phones and PCs and benefit from cloud synchronization that makes it possible to pick up from where you left off instantly.
For the time being, this feature only works with browsing sessions, but this is just the first step of a broader Microsoft pro
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[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgTDvvl_...ploademail]
Published on Aug 2, 2017
Cyberespionage research has come a long way. It seems like every week involves the revelation of a sophisticated, groundbreaking operation equipped with cutting-edge malware, crafty exploits, and marketing to match. Three assumptions dominate the discussion: that our knowledge of advanced threats has a short shelf-life; that new attacks happen quickly; and that tracing thes
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Premium link generators
What is the best Premium link generator

When comparing you need to specify the following to decide the best one:

Generated link validity

Expiration date of your current package (unlimited or certain date)

File  size limit

File hosts supported

If you have experience or tried these sites, reply here
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PDF Link Editor Free V1.0.0 Released
For the purpose of editing multip hyperlinks embedded in a PDF, I have developed a new Windows application: PDF Link Editor to handle this issue. Feel free to have it test here and it is totally free: http://www.pdflinkeditor.com/

I hope you can boost your productivity with it.

Key features:

1. Manage all hyperlinks with anchors, URLs and positions displayed;