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Doom Reveals Season Pass Details, Free New Content Also Coming
Gamers can test two maps and mods in an open beta

Developer id Software and publisher Bethesda are getting ready to finally launch the long-awaited reboot of Doom and the two companies are ready to announce their plans for post-release content delivery for the shooter and the way gamers can test it before it is officially out on May 13.

The open beta will include the Team Deathmatch and Warpath, and gamers will be able to see two maps, Heatwave and Infernal, with the team wor
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Stop using shortened URLs to share private content
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Generating a shortened URL to share content may seem like a good idea, but it may also expose you to unnecessary security risks, a new research paper shows. Titled Gone in Six Characters: Short URLs Considered Harmful for Cloud Services, it explains how short URLs can be used by malicious players to plant malware, copy personal files, and retrieve all sorts of personal information, like your home address, a
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Michael Brenner's Exclusive Content Marketing Kit
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Michael Brenner loves helping brands tell engaging stories to attract new customers and deliver a return on content marketing. Michael spends his time teaching brands all over the world how to create, deliver, optimize and measure content marketing effectiveness as a speaker, author, and a frequent contributor on leading publications. Michael is the founder and CEO of Marketing Insider Group, the
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75 Examples to Spark your Content Marketing Creativity
No matter your goal, we are sure you’ll find something here to inspire your inner content creator.

In this eBook, we’ve gathered 75 of our favorite content marketing examples, created by companies of various sizes, locations, and industries and delivered in a wide variety of formats. Their strategic efforts should give you a feel for what brands can accomplish with content marketing — and help spark some new ideas of your own.

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The Content Marketing Institute Original 4-Book Bundle
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Practical, how-to guidance and advice from experts in content marketing.

This exclusive bundle includes:

[*]The Essentials of a Documented Content Marketing Strategy: 36 Questions to Answer - The most effective content marketers have something in common: a documented content marketing strategy. Our complete guide will show you how to develop this key document for your organization.

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The Essentials of a Documented Content Marketing Strategy: 36 Questions to Answer
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Answer these 36 questions to help you as you create our content marketing strategy.

Regardless of the format you use, this document will walk you through the steps you need to follow and the questions you need to ask as you create your content marketing strategy.

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Next-Generation SEO Strategies That Will Future-Proof Your Content
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[quote]Get insights and advice from The Wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin.
As “Wizard of Moz” Rand Fishkin reminded us during his popular SEO presentation at Content Marketing World 2015, search engines are constantly evolving their algorithms to enhance their ability to serve consumers’ needs. And while current systems are highly proficient at classifying the terms of a search query, calculating its
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Free Key Ingredients for Successful Content Selling
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This checklist covers the main tools and processes you need to be successful at content selling.
What is content selling? It’s a strategy that takes everything great about content marketing and applies it to the sales cycle. This checklist covers how to be successful at content selling.

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The Personalization of Content
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How to use content to build relationships at scale.

This presentation will help you understand how audience insights and personalization can drive content marketing success at scale. Because the only kind of marketing that helps businesses connect with real people is personal content. Not just targeted, or personalized – personal content.

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10 Steps and Calculations to Develop your Content Formula
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Use this cheat sheet to help you develop your content formula.

With unused and wasted content costing B2B marketers alone a whopping $50 billion a year, the time to take a step back and identity problem areas is now so departments can focus on the areas that yield the most benefit to the bottom line.
This cheat sheet comes from the book, The Content Formula, by Michael Brenner and Liz Bedor.