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Daminion Standalone Basic
[quote][font='Helvetica Neue Light', 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, 'Lucida Grande', sans-serif][color=#00b4cc]Daminion Standalone Basic is a professional photo cataloging application aimed at creative pros and small teams. Available as standalone and multi-user server based versions. Search using multiple tag combinations from over 50 predefined including: keywords, description, date-time, rating, camera, lens and others. Or create
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abylon BASIC 14
abylon BASIC 14.00.1 for PC - Must be registered within two months and personal use only.

[quote][Image: http://i.imgur.com/sS1oyl7.png]

abylon BASIC provides full protection of your files during storage and transmission through encryption. With abylon BASIC, you get to use a contextual menu in Windows Explorer to encrypt, sign, compress, search, copy, and move sensitive information. There's even an anti-keylogger function that chops up your password, or you can use images in plac
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Basic API security measures are often overlooked
[Image: http://betanews.com/wp-content/uploads/2...00x400.jpg]
APIs are the glue that holds much of the digital world together, connecting systems, apps and data. But a new survey reveals that many organizations are failing to place enough emphasis on API security.
Research company Ovum in partnership with bot detection and mitigation firm Distil Networks, surveyed 100 IT and security professionals. They found
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Zoolz Cloud Backup Basic 2.1.7
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Zoolz is a set and forget cloud backup solution for your data and computers! Your data will be stored on the ultra-secure Amazon AWS servers for a lifetime (meaning that with Zoolz cloud backup, you can back up all your hard-disks, external and network drives, delete the data off to save space, and never worry about your data ever getting deleted from the cloud as long as you
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Daminion standalone BASIC
[Image: http://www.daminion-software.de/media/im...-basic.png]

Daminion is the trusted multi-user digital photo management software of hundreds of companies because it makes ALL digital assets EASILY searchable by anyone in the organization.
Get free license:
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Kotobee Author Basic Plan 1.2.1
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Kotobee Author is a comprehensive ebook creator and EPUB editor, suitable for education, training, and publishing. Create interactive ebooks rich with video, audio, 3D, widgets, questions, and more. Export your ebook to many different platforms. Your ebooks can be opened using the free Kotobee Reader app (for mobile or desktop) or using any of the popular ebook readers available in t
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FORTE 7 Basic Edition
[Image: https://s22.postimg.org/oshals59d/Screen...238885.png]

FORTE is a great software if you love to work with music and creating it. The program is very easy to use and this particular version is suitable for beginners and students.

FORTE Basic is the entry level program. Good for all users that want to start creating music as well as students and songwriters. It is also suitable for teachers helping students in learning music notation

With FORTE Basic you can start explorin
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abylon BASIC
[Image: http://download.bitsdujour.com/software/...-basic.png]

There's no way to guarantee that your sensitive files and folders won't someday end up in the wrong hands. Either by loss or theft, or just leaving yourself logged in at the wrong time and place, you can still protect yourself by making sure that all of your important files are encrypted. And the best way to do this quickly and easily is by using today's discount software promotion, abylon BASIC!

abylon BASIC provid
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MyFormatConverter Basic & Premium !
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MyFormatConverter gives you the best image and sound quality across all your devices! By using MyFormatConverter, your music, movies and photos are adapted to each of your devices – whether that's a smartphone, regular cell phone, tablet, media player and much more!

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TrackOFF Basic
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TrackOFF Basic is comprehensive, easy-to-use privacy protection from hackers and trackers attempting to exploit your identity and personal data online. Standard antivirus can't do that! With TrackOFF Basic, you can keep your browsing history private and stop ads from following you. TrackOFF Basic features advanced technology to prevent the newest form of online tracking, known as digital