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Google to Remove Ads from the Right Side of the Search Results Page
Ads will be moved at the top and bottom of search results
Google search results pages for desktop users are about to become less cluttered with ads, with a Google spokesperson confirming to SearchEngineLand that the company plans to stop showing ads via the right sidebar
The move comes after a six-year experiment the company took to see the revenue impact this change mi
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Study Search Window Ads Removal Guide
[Image: http://www.bleepstatic.com/swr-guides/s/...google.jpg]

Study Search Window is a browser hijacker program from the Adware.BrowseFox family that hijacks your browser's default search engine and installs addons and extensions that inject advertisements in web pages and search
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Apple iOS AdBlock Pro - Safari Extension For Blocking Ads For Free By Samuel Laska
AdBlock Pro is install and forge extension for blocking ads and trackers inside Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Say goodbye to:
- ads and banners
- autoplaying videos
- fake "x" buttons
- scrolling banners
- timed popups
- redirects to "xxx" websites
- YouTube video ads in Safari
- collection of your data online

Enjoy better Safari:
- 3-5x faster web browsing
- on average 53% lower data usage
- improved battery life

Found an advertisement that made it through?
> Report it
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How to Remove Nasty Adware Ads (Britec09)
[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHqVruU9j_E]

How to Remove Nasty Adware Ads
Published on Dec 2, 2016

How to Remove Nasty Adware Ads

Adware is one of the most common computer problems today, people surf the web and download content daily and as a tech this is very common to see some sort of Adware on peoples computers, it can cause a number of issues from.

* Browser Redirects
* Unwanted Browser Add-on's and Extensions
* Pop-ups
* Ads & Advertisement
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http://www.lavasoft.com/mylavasoft/compa...e-annoying    ONLINE ADS: THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE ANNOYING
by NewsEditor_ on December 19th, 2016 in Industry and Security News.

As a popular online quote says, “Oh good, a banner ad…said no one ever.” Online advertising comes in many forms, including banner ads at the top of websites, automatic videos that play before your chosen YouTube content and the dreaded pop-up window. While online content creators rely o
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(Skype users hit by ransomware through in-app malicious ads)
http://www.zdnet.com/article/skype-serve...RSSbaffb68    Skype users hit by ransomware through in-app malicious ads
Several users have complained about "fake Flash" ads, which if triggered, can lead to a ransomware attack.

 Zack Whittaker
By Zack Whittaker for Zero Day | March 30, 2017 -- 19:01 GMT (12:01 PDT) | Topic: Security    Several users have complained that ads served through Microsoft's Skype app are serving malicious downloads, which if
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Security Now 604: Taming Web Ads
[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD_t-5EWMNU]
Published on Mar 21, 2017
This week Steve and Leo discuss developments in the new windows on old hardware front, Cisco finds a surprise in the Vault7 docs, Ubiquity was caught with the PHPs down, CheckPoint discovered problems in WhatsApp and Telegram, some interesting details about the long-running Yahoo breaches, the death of the "eBay Football", the latest amazing IoT insanity, the incredible results of the CanSecWest
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AdBlocker - block Ads & Browse Faster
[Image: https://iphone.giveawayoftheday.com/wp-c...669313.jpg]

DOWNLOAD NOW and BROWSE up to 3X FASTER with the best, simplest and fastest premium blocker for Safari on iOS for your iPhone 5S or higher and iPad Air,Mini!

AdBlocker BLOKS:
- ads
- pop-ups
- user – tracking
- scripts and more


• Get better browsing experience - instantly ma
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Video Player by Halos (No Ads & Donation)
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/ctVX654.png]

[quote]Video Player by Halos is a powerful, elegant and simple video & audio player. Plays all video and audio formats. Try Video Player by Halos and it will be the only Video player and Audio player you will ever need!

☆ Plays most local video and audio files.
☆ Supports network streams, DVD ISOs, disk shares.
☆ All formats are supported, including MKV , MP4 , AVI , MOV , Ogg , FLAC , TS , M2TS , Wv , AVI , MP3 , WAV , WMV , RMVB , 3
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0 to Billionaire (No Ads)
[quote]Zero to Billionaire is a simple click based role playing game. You play an 18 year old character with $0 in hand and homeless. You just have only one dream, Become a Billionaire!

This is No Ads version.

Game Features

‣ Stimulates creative thinking for finding fastest way to become a Billionaire

‣ Easy to play, Yet challenging and requires a strategic plan to progress

‣ Like in real life you will have to maintain a work life balance

‣ Earn money by doing jobs and investin