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FinTech: The Beginner's Guide To Financial Technology Kindle Edition - Free Ebook
FinTech: The Beginner's Guide To Financial Technology Kindle Edition

by Jacob William (Author)

Are you curious about FinTech (Financial Technology), but aren’t sure where to go to find out more about it? This book will help you. The term “FinTech” describes innovative methods by which our ways of handling money, banking, and making purchases will be changed forever. No matter who you are, this sector affects you. The term “FinTech” is shrouded in mystery, even to more tech-savvy individuals. Since it’s such a new innovation, much about it, as well as where it’s heading is still unknown.

In this book we will explore what FinTech is, why it matters to everyone, future predictions about it, possible dangers, and its origins and history. This isn’t just a subject for experts, but something everyone can benefit from learning about.

Are you intimidated by advanced technological jargon, but curious about financial technology? This book will give you the information you seek in a digestible and easy-to-follow format. No prior knowledge of technical subjects is necessary, because understandable examples are given throughout.

Learning more about something that is so prevalent in our society is undeniably beneficial whether you are a business owner, technology enthusiast, or just a curious layman. Whichever term applies most to you, you will learn something valuable from this beginner friendly book!

My View:

This book gives a good introduction to understanding FinTech.

In interested go to:

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