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5 Antivirus Software Brands to Avoid
#1    5 Antivirus Software Brands to Avoid
Story by Tyler Von Harz • 2mo • 3 min read      Picking out antivirus software brands to avoid out of all of the options on the market can be a little confusing. Antivirus software that has been popular among most consumers since the 2000s made home computing more accessible. Since the initial scare of early computer viruses, these antivirus programs have been deemed a necessity.

However, that isn’t necessarily true. These days, antivirus software is a frivolous extra that may add more problems than assistance. Overall, it’s not a good idea to rely on a single app or program to protect your entire system, but some of the most famous antivirus software brands are not something that you should put on your computer. Let’s check out some of the most troublesome offenders.

They make the interface difficult for most average consumers to understand what’s really happening, making it possible for Norton to linger in your system without actually doing much.
Norton is one of the most well-known antivirus software brands out there. It may even be the most famous, with millions of people purchasing its services yearly, relying on them to protect sensitive information for over 2 decades. The most misleading loophole in Norton’s offerings is that it does not include real-time protection, ultimately defeating the entire point. You also shouldn’t notice that antivirus software is running at all, but Norton makes its presence known.


Unfortunately, McAfee has always come pre-installed on PCs. A majority of people start out with a PC, making this their introduction to antivirus software.
McAfee is more known for the annoying popups that come with the service, rather than the service itself. Then, when people do talk about the service, it is usually with an attitude of annoyance beyond those popups. Users cannot control updates, with many reporting activities being completely interrupted with no real way out. Ultimately, McAfee is completely outdated, while some of these other options may still have one or two positive, redeeming qualities.


It is extraordinarily difficult to get viruses on a Mac, by default and design. Any third-party antivirus software marketed towards Apple should be avoided, but especially MacKeeper.
MacKeeper has a long history of misdeeds. On the surface, it even seems like a scam or like it’s malware that you’re trying to avoid when you’re called to install antivirus software in the first place. It is extremely well-advertised, so even long-time experts may have considered using it at one point. Thankfully, Apple’s OS doesn’t require third-party antivirus software to begin with. Most Apple enthusiasts use that as a selling point for the computers.


Unfortunately for many, Webroot often comes preinstalled with any computer sold at the major retailer BestBuy, making it seem more popular than it is — people have it on their computers without even having chosen it.
Webroot should come with a warning sign that tells every user not to attempt uninstalling it. It is incredibly difficult to uninstall the program, with many users giving up entirely, succumbing to their fate, and realizing they should have avoided the software altogether. Reporting anything to the service is pretty terribly designed, which is a significantly important feature of antivirus software. Webroot’s major selling point is the low price tag that comes with the service. Though it may be tempting to go the economical route, sometimes, you really do get what you pay for.


Users have also reported that it slows down your computer’s performance significantly. This could be due to several factors, but your best bet is to just avoid Avast completely and keep your personal data safe.
Avast is another company that managed to do exactly what a security company should never even think of — sell their customers’ data to a third party. One simple action completely tarnished the brand’s reputation forever. Before then, though, Avast would show extremely threatening popups to its users. Antivirus software is meant to protect users, not scare them.   
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