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Bitdefender has identified over 220 ransomware families
What Types Of Ransomware Can Bitdefender Defend against detect

Bitdefender is a robust security solution that actively defends against various types of ransomware. Let’s explore the different types of ransomware that Bitdefender can detect and protect against:

Screen Lockers:
Screen lockers are the mildest form of ransomware. They prevent users from accessing their devices by blocking the desktop or home screen (especially on smartphones).
While annoying, screen lockers can usually be bypassed without paying the attacker, provided you have enough technical experience.
Crypto Ransomware:
Crypto-ransomware is more sophisticated and effective. It encrypts specific locally stored files and sometimes cloud backups as well.
Victims are then asked to pay a ransom (usually in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Monero) to receive the decryption key and regain access to their files.
Some well-known crypto-ransomware families include:
WannaCryptor: Infamous for the global WannaCry outbreak in 2017.
Stop/DJVU: Known for widespread attacks.
Phobos: A family that has caused significant damage.
Other Ransomware Families:
Bitdefender has identified over 220 ransomware families, including both well-known and lesser-known variants.
While the three mentioned above are prominent, Bitdefender’s protection extends to a wide range of ransomware strains.
Ransomware Remediation:
Bitdefender includes a feature called Ransomware Remediation that helps protect against ransomware attacks.
It automatically detects and blocks ransomware, preventing it from encrypting files and holding them hostage.
Remember that staying informed about the latest threats and keeping your security software up-to-date is crucial for effective defense against ransomware. Bitdefender’s continuous monitoring and proactive approach help safeguard your data and systems. ??
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