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Personal Giveaway Kerish PC Doctor 38 Licenses (Each valid for 3 years)
excellent system optimization program, I have been using it for years.
My license is expiring and I would like to extend the license for this software if it was possible.
thanks for your gift.
Kerish PC Doctor helps older and slower systems to work their best. It is safe and reliable. 
I built my PC in 2009 so my system really is ancient and can use all the help it can get.

Thank you Mike for this opportunity!!

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Kerish Doctor's has many good features, from maintenance to hardware monitor, windows tweaking and displaying detailed information about windows loading... and more. It'll help me to update my license Smile Thanks

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The best system optimization program.

License keys have been sent to members who have made a request and followed the rules. Plenty of keys left.
Nice giveaway, Thank you Mike

Here is my share link: Twitter
(06-11-2024 , 01:32 PM)Hamid Wrote: Nice giveaway, Thank you Mike

Here is my share link: Twitter

License has been sent to you private message.

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