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Giveaway The Big Con, and Town of Salem 2 are free on Epic Games
The Epic Games Store is giving away two games until April 25.

The Big Con

Town of Salem 2

Start your journey into the Town of Salem with the Epic Shimmerscale Pack available to all players who register an account on Epic during the Free Week! This packs includes a whole bunch of goodies that you can find listed below:

Quote:Exclusive Legendary Pet: Shimmerscale
Deed to the Town
Characters: Shinrin, Gerald, Rosemary, Petra, & Nikki
Character Skins: Shadow Wolf, Lockwood, Dusty, Nevermore, & Betty
Pets: Demon Pup, Mushruwum, Coyote, Hammond & Poe
Houses: Stonehaven Retreat, Haunted Mansion, & Ravenwood Cathedral
Lawn Decorations: Pumpkin, Cage, Gargoyle, Stone Brazier, Cross Gravestone, & Angel Gravestone
Pathways: Guardian Angels, & Overgrown
Wallpapers, Trim, Flooring, Floor Decorations: Sanguine & Overgrown
Wall Decorations: Mystic's Table, Safe, Pumpkin, & Lion Crest
Corner Decorations: Wooden Wardrobe, Wooden Bench, Drink Table, & Thanksgiving Dinner

[Image: waZqhjb.jpeg]

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