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what kind of malware can kaspersky standard detect & block in 2024
#1  what kind of malware can  kaspersky standard detect & block in 2024    Copilot
In 2024, Kaspersky Standard, the primary tier of the updated Kaspersky Consumer Portfolio, continues to excel in malware detection and blocking. Let me share some key points about its capabilities:

Three Layers of Protection: Kaspersky Standard provides complete security with three layers of protection to detect and block threats in real-time, 24/71. These layers work together to safeguard your system from various types of malware.
Malware Detection Excellence: In hands-on testing, Kaspersky demonstrated outstanding performance in malware detection, standing shoulder to shoulder with competitors like Norton and Bitdefender. It uses a blend of database signatures and cloud-based machine learning for comprehensive protection.
Test Results and Awards:
AV-Comparatives, a leading independent testing institute, awarded Kaspersky Standard the prestigious “Product of the Year” title for consistently delivering outstanding results throughout 2023. This award is particularly special as it marks the first recognition for the Kaspersky Consumer Portfolio, which includes three tiers: Kaspersky Premium, Kaspersky Plus, and Kaspersky Standard.
Kaspersky Standard received the highest overall score in all seven tests in the Public Consumer Main-Test Series conducted by AV-Comparatives. These tests evaluated its ability to protect against real-world internet threats, identify recent malicious programs, defend against advanced targeted attacks, and provide protection without slowing down devices or causing false positives.
Additional awards received by Kaspersky in 2023 include:
Real World Protection 2023 Silver
Malware Protection 2023 Silver
ATP Consumer 2023 Silver (Advanced Threat Protection 2023 Silver)
Best Overall Speed 2023 Bronze
Least False Positives 2023 Bronze.
Behavior in Malware Detection Scenarios:
Kaspersky Standard’s behavior in malware detection scenarios was described as excellent. For instance, when attempting to open a folder with malware, it automatically detected and removed all threats, leaving no chance for the malware to replicate, spread, or run within the system.
User-Friendly Features:
Kaspersky Standard offers a straightforward installation process with secure default options.
Its modern, tiled interface makes all essential features easily accessible from the home page.
Remember that Kaspersky Standard serves as the foundation for the other two advanced tiers: Kaspersky Plus and Kaspersky Premium. These advanced tiers provide comprehensive privacy, data protection, and high levels of device performance. Stay protected!    Report
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28 Jan, 1996
29 Jan, 2025
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Registrar name MarkMonitor, Inc.  Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal

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