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how good is kaspersky A.I. KSN. & MALWARE DETECTION
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how good is kaspersky A.I. KSN. & MALWARE DETECTION
Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) is a powerful cloud-based threat intelligence system developed by Kaspersky Lab. Let’s delve into its capabilities:

Astraea Reputation System: KSN aggregates real-time statistics and meta-information about suspicious objects worldwide. It calculates the reputation of these objects, which influences detection decisions. If Astraea lacks sufficient information initially, it recalculates the rating as more data becomes available.
Similarity Hash Detection System: This machine learning-based technology detects variations of malware. The cloud component collects features from various sources, including in-lab automatic systems. Machine learning identifies common features among similar malicious files. These features are used to calculate Similarity Hashes (SH), which are published through KSN. Kaspersky products then use these SHs to detect entire families of rapidly changing polymorphic malware.
Cloud ML for Android: To detect mobile threats, KSN employs a predictive model in the form of a Decision Tree Ensemble. Trained on millions of samples, this model accurately identifies malware. Since running it on mobile devices would be resource-intensive, the cloud approach is beneficial. The agent on a user’s device collects Android app features (entry points, permissions, etc.) to describe the app accurately without collecting sensitive user data.
Key Benefits of KSN:

Advanced Malware Detection: KSN identifies previously unknown and sophisticated malware.
Reduced False Positives: By combining expert analysis, machine learning, and big data, KSN minimizes detection errors.
Rapid Threat Response: Unlike traditional signature-based approaches, KSN responds within seconds or minutes to new threats.
In summary, KSN intelligently processes global cybersecurity data, ensuring high protection levels for every partner or customer. It’s a vital component of Kaspersky’s multi-layered, next-generation security approach. ?️    Report
Report for web address
IPv4 count ≈ 1,000
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28 Jan, 1996
29 Jan, 2025
Registration organization Microsoft Corporation
Registrar name MarkMonitor, Inc.   Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal

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