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SafeToOpen Protect your browsers from unsafe webpages
#1    Protect your browsers from unsafe webpages
Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Safari MacOS

Mozilla Firefox

Safari iOS          What is SafeToOpen Online Security?
SafeToOpen Online security browser extension is like having your own security expert witness detect suspicious web pages and indicators. Yet it effectively saves you the cost of hiring a professional and upgrading your online security systems. You'll receive an instant warning if a web page you visit is risky or safe.    What is a phishing web page?
Commonly called a "spoofed" site, a phishing webpage tries to steal your account password or other confidential information, particularly financial details. It tricks you into believing you're visiting a legitimate website.

Phishing websites often ask for your:
• Credit card information
• Internet banking details
• Personal information and documents, including driver's license and passport
• Usernames or passwords for your online accounts, including social media accounts

Be careful!
Phishing emails can look and feel legitimate. They use the same design and logos as the company or organization they're pretending to be and the same kind of language.

Most phishing web pages impersonate:
• Banks
• Social media sites
• Government agencies
• Online game sites      Free for personal use
While we don't charge our users to use SafeToOpen Online Security browser extension for their personal use, we still generate revenue by detecting unsafe web pages targeting our customers' brands and reporting them to the targeted businesses.

For more clarification, let's review the following example:
Let's assume there is a bank called ABC in your country. Cybercriminals do not send phishing links impersonating the login page of the bank ABC to the bank staff members because the security team in bank ABC will quickly take the malicious website down. Instead, the cybercriminals would send their emails containing phishing links to the customer of the bank ABC (i.e., citizens of your country) to steal their money.

SafeToOpen Online Security detects these unsafe links, prevents you from entering your information in the unsafe web pages, reports the detected link to bank ABC and charges them for the detection of the phishing web page.    Designed with privacy in mind

SafeToOpen Online Security is built to ensure you have concrete protection and privacy online. Our browser extension analyzes web pages that only request your sensitive information, such as passwords, social security numbers, and bank account details in links and HTML attachments. SafeToOpen doesn't analyze the most commonly used websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Gmail, and YouTube.

With us, we don't track your browser activity unless a suspicious web page is detected. Upon detecting a suspicious web page, SafeToOpen Online Security collects and sends the following information for further analysis and protection of others. It collects:

● Your public IP address
● Web browser name and version
● Your operating system name
● The suspicious URL (used for in-depth analysis)

To detect and protect from new malicious web pages, SafeToOpen Online Security asks your permission to send the visible visual elements of the suspicious page to our servers. SafeToOpen never sends sensitive information from your web browsing activities to our servers.
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SafeToOpen logo.png
Industry Information Technology & Services
Founded 2014; 10 years ago
Founder Maziar Janbeglou
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
SafeToOpen Online Security
SafeToOpen Email Verification
SafeToOpen Customer Email Verification
SafeToOpen Brand & Customer Protection
SafeToOpen API SafeToOpen Staff Email Verification
SafeToOpen Suspicious Message Verification
SafeToOpen is a cybersecurity company that delivers innovative solutions to safeguard businesses and individuals from online threats, including scams, phishing, and smishing (phishing via SMS).[1] With a highly skilled team of experts, the company offers comprehensive cybersecurity services and cutting-edge technologies to establish a safe and secure digital environment for its clients.[2][3]

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2 Services
3 Products
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SafeToOpen was founded in 2014 by Maziar Janbeglou, based in Auckland, New Zealand. During his Ph.D. studies at the University of Auckland, Janbeglou identified the significant challenges presented by phishing attacks, one of the most prevalent and crippling cyber threats targeting individuals and global businesses. Addressing the issue, he established SafeToOpen, a cloud-based service that swiftly detects and protects users from zero-day phishing web pages. Utilizing advanced software, the company's solution analyzes all visual and invisible elements of a web page, instantly issuing warnings if any malicious content is detected. In addition to leveraging threat intelligence feeds to protect against known malicious web pages, SafeToOpen's technology operates independently to detect zero-day phishing web pages.[4]

Furthermore, SafeToOpen actively contributes to the global cybersecurity community by reporting newly detected phishing links to its technology partners, fostering a collective effort to combat cybercriminal activities.[5]

SafeToOpen provides a range of essential services to ensure online safety and protect individuals and businesses from potential risks. These services include:

Report Unsafe Links: SafeToOpen allows users to report suspicious or potentially harmful links, helping to identify and prevent potential cyber threats.
Scan Links for Phishing: By scanning links, SafeToOpen can detect and alert users to any potential phishing attempts, safeguarding against identity theft and fraudulent activities.
Protect My Brand: SafeToOpen offers brand protection services, helping businesses monitor and mitigate online threats that could harm their reputation or brand image.
Request to Unblock Websites: SafeToOpen assists users in requesting the unblocking of websites that may have been wrongly flagged or restricted, ensuring access to legitimate content.
Text Message Verification: SafeToOpen provides secure text message verification services, offering an additional layer of authentication to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.
With these comprehensive services, SafeToOpen is dedicated to developing products that promote online safety, risk mitigation, and a secure digital environment.

SafeToOpen offers a range of products to enhance online security and protect against phishing attacks. These products provide comprehensive solutions to safeguard individuals and organizations from various online threats.

SafeToOpen Online Security: SafeToOpen Online Security is a browser extension that detects and warns users about suspicious web pages, protecting against phishing attacks. It analyzes web pages requesting sensitive information and prevents users from entering data on unsafe pages or attachments, ensuring online privacy and security.[6][7]
SafeToOpen Email Verification: SafeToOpen Email Verification streamlines email verification for security teams, promptly responding to reports of suspicious emails. It provides a concise summary and detailed report of links and attachments in the reported email, reducing human errors and saving valuable time for verification.
SafeToOpen Customer Email Verification: SafeToOpen Customer Email Verification safeguards customers engaging with the organization’s online services. By enabling customers to verify suspicious emails through an email address like, the service provides real-time responses to determine if the emails are legitimate or potential phishing attempts. This enhances customer protection and aids in the prompt detection and resolution of phishing attacks.
SafeToOpen Brand & Customer Protection: SafeToOpen Brand & Customer Protection is a hassle-free tool that detects unseen phishing web pages impersonating organizations' brands. It safeguards customers of corporations in sectors like finance, government, airlines, energy, telecommunications, and IT services, thereby preserving the brand reputation and customer trust.
SafeToOpen API: The SafeToOpen API adds an extra layer of protection by enabling existing security tools to detect new phishing web pages and safeguard staff members in real-time. It mitigates the risk associated with relying solely on generic toolkits that only protect against known unsafe pages. When an API call is made, the integration software connects to the URL and checks it against the SafeToOpen Profile. The originator of the API call receives valuable information about the phishing brand, targeted industry, and phishing accuracy, facilitating prompt action against potential threats.
SafeToOpen Staff Email Verification: SafeToOpen Staff Email Verification verifies suspicious emails received by staff. It provides a summary and comprehensive report to the security team, enabling proactive identification of potential threats. This product helps prevent the compromise of sensitive data despite the existence of secure email gateways and encryption tools.
SafeToOpen Suspicious Message Verification: SafeToOpen Suspicious Message Verification tackles the rise of harmful links and phishing attempts through text messages. Using advanced technologies like NLP, AI, ML, and CV, this product analyzes the content and links in reported suspicious texts. SafeToOpen promptly responds to the sender, assessing the message's safety.
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