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Cryptomator 1.12.4 Open Source New Released
#1    Report
Report for web address
IPv4 count ≈ 1,000
Files count —
8 Oct, 2007
8 Oct, 2024
Registration organization GitHub, Inc.
Registrar name MarkMonitor, Inc. Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal    Cryptomator 1.12.4  Application Reputation  Trusted (Kaspersky Security Network )  Digital Signature: Skymatic GmbH Sign Date: 2024-03-27 9:28 AM      Cryptomator 1.12.4 is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including adware, spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.        Cryptomator 1.12.4 Is 100% Scanned Malware Free & Clean & Safe So Finds Kaspersky Standard 2024    Features
Works with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA, pCloud, ownCloud, Nextcloud and any other cloud storage service which synchronizes with a local directory
Open Source means: No backdoors, control is better than trust
Client-side: No accounts, no data shared with any online service
Totally transparent: Just work on the virtual drive as if it were a USB flash drive
AES encryption with 256-bit key length
File names get encrypted
Folder structure gets obfuscated
Use as many vaults in your Dropbox as you want, each having individual passwords
Four thousand commits for the security of your data!! ?
256-bit keys (unlimited strength policy bundled with native binaries)
Scrypt key derivation
Cryptographically secure random numbers for salts, IVs and the masterkey of course
Sensitive data is wiped from the heap asap
Lightweight: Complexity kills security
Authenticated encryption is used for file content to recognize changed ciphertext before decryption
I/O operations are transactional and atomic, if the filesystems support it
Each file contains all information needed for decryption (except for the key of course), no common metadata means no SPOF  Kaspersky Standard A.I. Features & Protection    Copilot
Certainly! Let’s explore the Kaspersky Standard security plan, including its AI features and protection:

Enhanced Protection with Device Performance Booster:
Kaspersky Standard offers robust defense against viruses, malware, and ransomware.
Additionally, it includes performance tools to optimize your devices, remove unnecessary software, and keep your apps up to date.
Advanced Security with Anti-Phishing and Firewall:
The security plan incorporates anti-phishing measures to safeguard you against fraudulent websites.
The built-in firewall helps protect your network and data from unauthorized access.
Clean-Up and App Management Tools:
These tools optimize your device’s performance by identifying and removing clutter, freeing up valuable disk space.
Safe Money Feature:
Kaspersky Standard includes the Safe Money feature, which secures your online payments and transactions.
In summary, Kaspersky Standard provides a comprehensive package that not only shields you from threats but also ensures your devices run smoothly. It’s compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Stay secure!    Report
Report for web address
IPv4 count ≈ 1,000
Files count —
28 Jan, 1996
29 Jan, 2025
Registration organization Microsoft Corporation
Registrar name MarkMonitor, Inc.    Kaspersky  Threat Intelligence Portal    1.12.4 (Windows Only) Latest
@cryptobot cryptobot released this 9 hours ago  1.12.4
What's Changed
Security Fixes ?
Deletion of protected resources: The Cryptomator MSI installer is build with the WiX toolkit. Installers build with a toolkit version below 3.14.1 can be used to delete system directories by using directory junctions. (CVE-2024-29187)
Local Privilege Escalation: The Cryptomator EXE installer is build wiht the WiX toolkit. Installers build with a toolkit version below 3.14.1 can be used to execute arbitrary binaries by using the Windows temp directory. (CVE-2024-29188)
We advise to remove the vulnerable installers from the system. Already cached installers will be removed when installing this update.    SHA-256 checksums of release artifacts:

c2a8442edff5e8355f5dad6600436f434e05d374d897643ca6bff32edabc5c38 .\Cryptomator-1.12.4-x64.exe
939809d8bd0e8a31be311bd390c0d70c00196e22c83493a085285d72460474f4 .\Cryptomator-1.12.4-x64.msi 
53.6 MB
9 hours ago

9 hours ago
52.9 MB
9 hours ago

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