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Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal
#1    Get free access to trusted threat intelligence    Respond to threats more effectively
Check any threat indicator that you consider suspicious, whether it is a file, file hash, IP address or web address.
Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal brings together all of our accumulated knowledge about cyberthreats into a single, powerful web service. It lets you check any threat indicator you consider suspicious, whether it is a file, file hash, IP address, or web address.    Use a set of advanced threat detection technologies to analyze objects you consider suspicious
File analysis
Detect advanced commodity, evasive, and APT-like threats using our patented and powerful proprietary technologies, including dynamic, static, and behavioral analysis, and our global cloud reputation system.
Upload file
Get a report
Submit IP address, file hashes, domains, or web addresses you consider suspicious to to quickly validate and prioritize alerts and incidents using risk levels and supporting contextual information to determine which of them are real threats.
Submit web address, IP address, hash or domain
Get a report
Web Address Analysis
Register to check a set number of web addresses you consider suspicious in our URL Sandbox. You will receive a report covering all the activities (downloads, JavaScript, etc.) performed by a specific web page, without risking opening the page in your own browser.    Report
Report for web address
IPv4 count ≈ 20
Files count ≈ 10
8 Oct, 1997
7 Oct, 2024
Registration organization Joint Stock Company Kaspersky Lab
Registrar name Regional Network Information Center, JSC dba RU-CENTER

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