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How Good Is Kaspersky A.I. In 2024 Copilot A.I.
#1  How Good Is Kaspersky A.I. In 2024    Copilot
In 2024, Kaspersky continues to enhance its security solutions by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Here are some notable aspects of their security protection:

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs):
Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analyses Team (GReAT) predicts that APT actors will leverage new exploits on mobile devices, wearables, and smart devices. These exploits may be used to form botnets, refine supply chain attack methods, and enhance spear-phishing campaigns.
AI-powered impersonation will streamline spear-phishing message production, allowing attackers to mimic specific individuals.
The year 2024 marks a groundbreaking period for mobile exploits, inspiring research into APTs targeting various consumer devices.
Protection of personal and corporate devices becomes increasingly vital.
State-Sponsored Cyberattacks and Hacktivism:
Geopolitical tensions may lead to a surge in state-sponsored cyberattacks. These attacks could involve data theft, encryption, IT infrastructure destruction, espionage, and cyber-sabotage.
Hacktivism, driven by geopolitical conflicts, is also on the rise. It includes both destructive actions and the spread of false information.
Kaspersky emphasizes vigilance against vulnerabilities in commonly used software and appliances, which could pave the way for large-scale, stealthy botnets capable of targeted attacks.
Privacy Trends:
AI-enabled wearables may spark privacy debates.
The proliferation of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is likely to set new standards regarding privacy in 2024.
In summary, Kaspersky remains committed to safeguarding interconnected technologies while addressing evolving threats in the digital landscape. ?️?

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