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24 hours Giveaway Pearl Harbor: Fire on the Water [PC Game]
[Image: 8f0081e7dff4db48ca67140d1188bfca.jpeg]

Take the helm of a mighty battleship and sink enemy vessels!
Take the helm of a mighty battleship and sink enemy vessels with a click of your mouse in Pearl Harbor: Fire on the Water! Accuracy and timing will be your only allies as you patrol the dangerous waters near Pearl Harbor in a boat armed to the teeth with torpedoes, lasers and nukes! Do battle in broad daylight or at night, master 10 types of missions, and build a reputation as the terror of the seas. Stunning water and battle effects will keep you glued to the screen as you guard 13 locations, man five unique ships and turn nearly two dozen enemy craft into Swiss cheese. 

System Requirements:
Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8; CPU: 2.5 GHz; RAM: 1024 MB; DirectX: 9; Hard Drive: 431 MB



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