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BitLocker encryption broken in 43 seconds with sub-$10 Raspberry Pi Pico
BitLocker encryption broken in 43 seconds with sub-$10 Raspberry Pi Pico — key can be sniffed when using an external TPM
By Aaron Klotz published 2 days ago
BitLocker's reliance on a TPM for security is its own downfall in this specific exploit.

Bitlocker is one of the most easily accessible encryption solutions available today, being a built-in feature of Windows 10 Pro and Windows 11 Pro that's designed to secure your data from prying eyes. However, YouTuber stacksmashing demonstrated a colossal security flaw with Bitlocker that allowed him to bypass Windows Bitlocker in less than a minute with a cheap sub-$10 Raspberry Pi Pico, thus gaining access to the encryption keys that can unlock protected data. After creating the device, the exploit only took 43 seconds to steal the master key.


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