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Giveaway Healthy Food Scanner - GoCoCo [Lifetime]
[Image: 600x0w.webp]

What's truly healthy at the supermarket?

Scan and enjoy healthy foods with peace of mind.

Created by registered dietitians.

Scan food barcodes, get healthy food ratings, and build healthy eating habits with our app and lessons.

Make the change to eat healthier with GoCoCo.

Take it to the new level of food scanning with GoCoCo Food Scanner

• Quickly detect ultra-processed products high in sugars (fructose, …), salts, saturated fats, and carbs

• Get an immediate score from 1 to 10

• Based on World Health Organization recommendations.

• Compatible with over 600,000 grocery store items

• Access to curated lists of food recommendations and foods to avoid

• Check food ratings using the in-app food label scanner


Unlike most food ingredient scanners, GoCoCo is focused to help you eat healthier in the long term. That’s why besides the food barcode scanner feature, we also include a healthy living habits builder and tracker, healthy eating lessons, as well as Mediterranean diet-based healthy recipes.


Track your healthy habits such as eating vegetables, not eating ultra-processed food, and exercising activities within GoCoCo. Check your stats and do healthy habits streaks to stay motivated on living a healthier lifestyle.

Besides being a meal scanner with a food rating, our food scanner is also an activity logger. And by logging tangible actions like exercise, adding vegetables, and avoiding ultra-processed foods you'll begin to see real changes in your life!

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