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Update FastestVPN Review: is it worth it? Read before you buy
[Image: stMYB6n.png]

[Image: iJ373Mt.png]

Quote:FastestVPN has a poor website, very basic features, low quality, and extremely unreliable and rarely updated apps. It may look cheap at $0.66 a month on the five-year plan - especially for its speeds and Netflix-unblocking abilities - but that’s not enough money to keep going, never mind make any improvements. If you’re on a budget, check out VPNs you can actually trust, such as Private Internet Access, Atlas VPN, or CyberGhost instead.

Read more info and details here:
I have had a FastestVPN Lifetime Plan  for a couple of years.

I have used it on Windows 7, Windows 10, on PC and Laptop and Android phone.

My experience is FastestVPN is, it is totally USELESS. Worked for about 2  minutes then issues if it did work.
Install every 6 months in case newer versions would help.

I had not tried it before buying but got a cheap lifetime deal that was about to expire. The website looks great.
Do not understand why the software is useless across multiple devices.

My recommendation is DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.
May be they don't spend money on good developers.
It is garbage Poop

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