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Giveaway Endless Legend is free to claim till January 27
Amplitude Studios is giving away Endless Legend for free until January 27th.

You will need to sign up for a Games2Gether account (Amplitude's website), and then go to the My Rewards page to claim the game. It is redeemed directly to your Steam account (need to link your Amplitude and Steam accounts).

[Image: 5rxP9kI.jpg]

Amplitude Studios belongs to Sega, so it is a safe website.

[Image: SotrqEW.jpg]

Game's Steam page for reference and screenshots:

If you like games like Sid Meier's Civilization, you may like Endless Legend. It is a 4x game with a fantasy theme.

Note: You can also get the space themed 4x game ENDLESS Space - Definitive Edition for free.
"While supplies last"... And that lasted quickly.

Can't add Endless Space either. But I found I had the #2 somehow already.

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