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QuickInstaller 0.2.8709.26624 Preview Freeware
#1      Download QuickInstaller Preview

NOTE: QuickInstaller is currently only available in Preview so you can expect bugs and possible crashes.

Current situation
QuickInstaller is currently developed and maintained by myself.
QuickInstaller has been publicly available for a couple of year but I never told anyone except my family and a few friends about it so it didn't have many users.
After registering QuickInstaller on the user load exploded, 1000 new users in 2 weeks. This is of course great, but is more than I thought it would be.
I have a new job, two small kids, just got married and a pain-in-the-... house, so I don't have too much spare time.

Therefore I cannot say how long it will take for replies, processing of submitted applications and further development.

    At the moment the whole system is hosted on a Intel NUC i5 at my home with 50 Mbit upload speed.
        It's not long until users will get time out- or service unavailable errors.
    Another big issue is that QuickInstaller doesn't have a so called Code Signing certificate.
        This causes antivirus programs to report it as malicious and prevents users to use QuickInstaller. I've received several email regarding this issue and people uninstalls QuickInstaller.
        It also cause Microsoft Smartcreen to block the application.


Windows Server and SQL database (Approx 500$-800$ pr year initially but will be more when we get more users - Need donations)
Code signing certificate. (Approx 250-300$ pr year - Need donations)


Without donations QuickInstaller cannot survive.
I could of course charge money for QuickInstaller by creating subscriptions for some features as all the similar solutions do.
But that is not what my vision for QuickInstaller, and profit is not it. My vision for QuickInstaller is to be 'By users, for users'.  NOTE:

Since this is a free and private project I've not been able to afford a Code Signing certificate
This will cause some antivirus programs to report QuickInstaller as malicious. I can promise you it is not malicious at all.
Another issue this cause is Microsoft's SmartScreen, please see this page if you have any problems.
I've sent a ticket to Microsoft SmartScreen and hopefully they will allow it but I'm not sure since it doesn't have a certificate.

QuickInstaller never stores any software packages on it's server. All software packages must be available from the software provider.

Hopefully people will find it useful and I will get enough donations to purchase a Code Signing certificate ?
Download the latest version 0.2.8711.28182. Release Date: 11/7/2023     Quickinstaller Setup Application Reputation  Vendor: Hans Christian IhIen - Abelson  Trusted (Kaspersky Security Network ) First Appeared : 6 days ago      Report
Report for domain    Good    Summary
IPv4 count 12
File count —
URL count —
Hits —
Created 16 May, 2019
Expires 16 May, 2024
Registration organization —
Registrar name Domeneshop AS dba     QuickInstaller 0.2.8709.26624 Preview Freeware  Was 100% Scanned With Kaspersky Standard  is 100% Clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.    Kaspersky Standard  Multilayered protection designed to prevent and neutralise viruses and malware. Including: Worms and Trojans, Ransomware, CryptoLockers, Spy Apps, Botnets and Rogues. Keyloggers, Adware, Spear Phishing, Rootkits, And Man-In-The-Middle Attacks.

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