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Internet Download Accelerator Freeware
#1    Internet Download Accelerator 7.0: Faster, Smarter, Better!
We're excited to announce the release of IDA 7.0, the latest version of your favorite all-in-one download assistant! This update includes new features and improvements that will take your download experience to the next level. New plugin versions to ensure compatibility with the latest websites and platforms. Downloading your favorite content has never been easier! We've improved IDA's ability to capture videos, music, and podcasts from the web. Our chatbot is smarter and faster than ever. Get quick answers to your questions and enjoy a seamless user experience when interacting with IDA. IDA now supports even more interface languages, making it accessible to users from all over the world. We've eliminated annoying bugs to ensure a smoother, more reliable experience. Upgrade to IDA 7.0 today.        Web Protection by
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    Shareware/Freeware    Version History

Download Internet Download Accelerator 7.0 :

Version 7.0 - September 15, 2023
ListAdded new versions of plugins;
ListImproved video, music, and podcasts downloading;
ListImproved interaction with the chatbot;
ListA large number of interface languages have been updated;
ListBugs fixed.       Internet Download Accelerator Freeware  is 100% Clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.       Was 100% Scanned Malware Free & Clean With COMODO Internet Security 2024 Premium Beta & This Software Contains No Malware Traces Of Anykind That Includes These Malware Types : Adware, PUA, PUM, PUPs,  Spyware, Rootkits, Fileless Malware,  Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Ransomware, Bots or botnets, Keyloggers,  Backdoor, Malicious CryptoMining, Cryptojacking,  Vulnerabilities, Malvertising, Grayware,  Zero Day Exploits, Rogue Security Software,  Download Master Is Signed & Trusted & On COMODO Trusted Vendors List : COMODO File Details  File Name: idasetup.exe  File Rating: Trusted  First Observed: 9/15/2023 7:14:44 PM  Certificate Signer: Download Master

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