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24 hours Giveaway [LIVE now FREE Video Doco]Healing Kitchen Let Food Be Thy Medicine Sep12-20
[LIVE now FREE Video Doco]Healing Kitchen Let Food Be Thy Medicine Sep12-20

[Image: E659myP.png]

Register via email:-

Live now Episode 1:-

Emails from:-
Nick Polizzi

Healing Kitchen Let Food Be Thy Medicine Sep12-20.txt

Each Episode is only available for 24 Hours.

Airs Tuesday Sep 12th at
12TH 9pm ET  =  1am GMT 13TH

Executive Producer of Healing Kitchen: Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Healing Kitchen: Let Food Be Thy Medicine." Episode One premieres at 9pm Eastern (US) on Tuesday, September 12th and we will be releasing a new episode each night until September 20th.

In this 9-Part Documentary Series you will hear from a unique group of herbalists, farmers, nutritionists, doctors and farm-to-table chefs, offering a new perspective on holistic wellness. You will learn about incredible healing foods and herbs, and how to use them in simple, time-tested recipes for some of the world’s most common health conditions. And most importantly, you will learn how you can apply this knowledge and help everyone you know to embrace a happier, healthier life.

Episode 1: Culinary Remedies: Reviving the Healing Art of Cooking
(Airs Tuesday Sep 12th at 9pm ET)

Episode 2: A Happy Gut: Recipes for Nourishing Your Inner Ecosystem
(Airs Wednesday Sep 13th at 9pm ET)

Episode 3: Cooking for Immunity: Strengthening Defenses with Flavorful Fare
(Airs Thursday Sep 14th at 9pm ET)

Episode 4: Cognitive Cuisine: Brain-Boosting Dishes from Antiquity
(Airs Friday Sep 15th at 9pm ET)

Episode 5: Heart-Smart Menus: Time-Tested Recipes for Cardiovascular Care
(Airs Saturday Sep 16th at 9pm ET)

Episode 6: Zest & Zen: Formulas for Better Sleep & Boundless Energy
(Airs Sunday Sep 17th at 9pm ET)

Episode 7: Food Fighters: Crafting Anti-Cancer Meals
(Airs Monday Sep 18th at 9pm ET)

Episode 8: Beauty in a Bowl: Recipes for Skin & Hair Health
(Airs Tuesday Sep 19th at 9pm ET)

Episode 9: Spice of Life: Healing Hormones & Enhancing Intimacy
(Airs Wednesday Sep 20th at 9pm ET)

[Image: MG8yNY6.jpg]

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