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Encryption software: Free tools for Windows and texts
Quote:Encrypt files and emails

Content is usually unencrypted and therefore unprotected. The right tools seal files, folders, emails, texts and clipboards and protect against keyloggers. Here you will find the best protection downloads.

security concept includes various complementary components. In addition to an antivirus program, encryption is important, but many users ignore it. Browsers use SSL/TLSProvides transport encryption when browsing, but this does not protect your hard drive/SSD files. If strangers gain access to your PC while you are away, they can easily view letters, tax returns and other sensitive content. After all, all files are in plain text and the Windows password is not a serious barrier. While companies are required by law (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation) to encrypt data, this is optional in the private environment - it is always recommended. The following selection of encryption tools will enable you to prioritize protecting your data. With the right tools, convenience isn't compromised; you can achieve even more protection by encrypting an encrypted file a second time.

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