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Avira Secure Browser Online safety right from your browser
#1      Avira Secure Browser
Take back control when you’re online

Browse, post, and shop in peace again — Avira helps you stay safe from online threats, control who knows what about your search and browsing, and block trackers for better performance. All in a familiar design you can customize.    Security, control, and performance without sacrifices

    Block dangerous websites and URLs
    Stop scams and phishing before they start
    Easily control your privacy online in a few clicks
    Block ads, trackers, and browser fingerprinting
    Keep your passwords safe
    Familiar design means no learning curve              Online safety right from your browser

Online attacks are on the rise and your browser is the first line of defense. Web Shield helps stop them by blocking fake and dangerous websites, URLs, downloads, and scams before they even get started.
Keep your searching and browsing private

What you do online is an extension of your inner-most thoughts and interests, but it’s also a powerful tool for companies to build profiles about you, track you, and display targeted ads. Privacy Guard includes ad and tracker blocking, as well as anti-fingerprinting protection to help keep your actions private and unprofiled.
System requirements

Avira Secure Browser supports only Windows 10 / 11 (32 & 64-bit)

Avira Secure Browser is available for free for download by the user. One installation per device.         Avira Secure Browser  Is  100% SCANNED MALWARE FREE & CLEAN & SAFE AGAINST ALL MALWARE TYPES WITH Avira Free Security  &  Malwarebtyes  Free : BACKDOORS, Phishing,  ROOTKITS, TROJANS, SPYWARE, RANSOMWARE, Malicious CRYPTOMINERS, BOTS, & BOTNETS, KEYLOGGERS, WORMS, VIRUSES,  Malvertising,  Fileless Malware, ADWARE, Potential Unwanted Applications (PUA),   Digital Signature: Avira Operations GmbH      Avira Browser Safety
Safe website

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