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Poseidon - Project Dark Sky on sale 100%off
Poseidon is a naval war simulation video game and is a precursor to the massive concept of Aegis 2 which is in production.
The game concept for Poseidon is "Navies of the world unite against terrorists who are hell-bent to destroy an oil rig with a classified cargo".
The main objective of the game is to destroy the automated enemy pirate boats by manoeuvring the Destroyer, the firing is done by on board AI using the Deck Gun and 2 CIWS Guns mounted at the front and rear of the ship, you also have 4 Seahawk helicopters at your disposal for aerial assault on the pirate boats which give you a larger range and an LHD which is a landing helicopter dock ship on which you can land your chopper and you have clear audio instructions from the AI in a charismatic voice along with subtitles.
It is a complex, entertaining and visually stunning game that will keep you latched onto your desktop for hours.
The game is very detailed and will be fun to play on high end workstations, so if you think you are upto the challenge and if your gaming rig is high on specification, give it a go.

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