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PC running slow? 10 ways you can speed it up
A slow-running computer can be a major headache, affecting your productivity and causing unnecessary stress.

But before frustration kicks in and makes you run to buy a new machine, there are several simple and effective steps you can take to speed up your current PC. From freeing up space on your hard drive to updating drivers, these tips can help revive your sluggish computer and get you back to work in no time.

And while some years ago this seemed a job only an IT specialist could do, these days Windows makes it really easy for anyone to manage some simple settings that can make a lot of difference.

Where to start?

Here are 10 tips to try on Windows 11 or Windows 10!

1. Clear out space

2. Manage your apps

3. Clean up your storage

4. Manage the apps you need at startup

5. Adjust your Privacy settings

6. Manage energy performance

7. Disable visual effects

8. Update your PC

9. Check for malware

10. Reset your PC

Finally, a bonus tip! Don’t let your PC run for days non-stop just because you think it will take a frustratingly long time to start up. Instead, you can let it go to Sleep instead of Shut down, but make sure to restart your PC every two or three days. Contrary to what you may think, turning off the computer does not close all processes running, while restarting your computer will make it do all necessary installations and updates and close all apps.

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